Apr 26
Bring Creative Branding Into Your Events

Creating Branding

Logos on pillows, logos on chairs…logos, logos everywhere! Plastering your logo on the walls or furniture isn't the only way to represent your brand or sponsors at your next meeting. Let's take a look at some innovative ways to share your company's brand, message, or conference theme a little more playfully and naturally.

Photo Opportunities

Welcome your guests with step-and-repeats or fun hedge walls to create a photo opportunity that people actually want to post to their Instagram. These décor items are popular in creating a "Wow" effect when placed at the entrance of your event, or they can become another engagement point for your guests as they enjoy the party.

Photo Opportunities

Interactive Stations

Make your event space a win-win: Entertain your guests with interactive elements while simultaneously promoting your brand, company values, or conference theme. We've seen a significant rise in demand for our String Art Signage Displays. Unity and togetherness have been a classic theme for conferences or special events, but String Art displays are bringing a fresh expression for a message as old as time. Your logo or conference theme is constructed on a wooden display board with decorative nails. Guests then use a long piece of yarn to connect the nail heads in whichever color or fashion they choose, leaving their mark on a piece of art that can double as a décor element throughout the conference. Take the art display back to your office to remind everyone of the great time they had and stretch your message back into the real world. From chalkboards to giant Light Brights, there are an endless number of ways to bring this kind of branding into your next program.

Interactive Stations

Subliminal Branding

You don't need to plaster your logo on everything in order to represent your brand; try taking a more subliminal approach. Cameron Rust, Senior National Asset Manager – Branding and Continuity, says, "The trend is moving toward targeting your internal employees like you target your customers. Rather than just putting your logo on everything, you want to represent your brand in more authentic and non-obvious way." Embody your company through the use of pictures, colors, patterns, and textures. Add to the décor by projecting catchphrases on walls, or even embody the spirit of the conference by placing relevant quotes on your tables. 

Subliminal Branding


There's been a significant increase in ingenuity when it comes to branding your event through food and beverage. Whether you're looking for something that's poured in a mug, or artfully crafted and sipped in a glass, there are a multitude of ways to creatively display your brand. SipMi edible photographs have seen a surge in popularity recently, which allows logos or colorful pictures to float on a guest's drink as an unforgettable garnish. Why have guests stare at a bare backboard as they wait for a draft beer? Impress your guests with a draft beer ice wall sculpture that sits atop the bar, where your logo is incorporated into the ice. Take advantage of the opportunity to display your (or your sponsor's) brand in a unique way at one of the more popular areas of any event.


Get Carried Away

The sky's the limit when it comes to branding—literally! Add an ethereal touch to your event by taking your logo aerial. Guests will feel like a kid again and look on in delight as they see their company represented in bubbles floating through the sky.

Get Carried Away

To see any of these branding opportunities come alive in your next event or explore other branding options, reach out to your Account Executive or contact us.  

Apr 26
Destination, Managed: Welcome to Wynwood Walls

Destination, Managed: Wynwood Walls

Custom shipped chandeliers from across the country? Break-dancers requested three hours before the doors open? No sweat! At least not for our Hello! Florida South team. Here's a look at a recent four-day program for a longstanding client and how we reminded them just why they love to say Hello!.

The Event

Hello! Florida South has a positive and longstanding relationship with a large financial services planning company. This particular program we were bidding on was an incentive trip for the company's highest earners – one of their top three annual events. This meant high visibility with all executives and intense pressure for us to reward their hard-working professionals with a spectacular event.

The program was a very competitive bid, and despite our great rapport, we knew this was no time for complacency – we really wanted to differentiate ourselves and show just how important they are to us. To begin, our Hello! Florida South team leveraged their relationships across the board to open a public museum on a day that they're typically closed. They then held what amounted to a mini program for the client's representatives and demonstrated our vision for their 500 VIPs. A special keepsake was made for each of the planners to remind them of all the fun. The company was thrilled with our ideas and attentiveness, awarding us the opportunity to manage their program.

The Challenges

Last Minute Change

One week before the program, a member of our client's planning team asked us to completely redesign a concept that was going to be present across all four days. Two days prior to the event, a senior member of the planning team asked for another complete redesign of the materials and presentation. Our Hello! Florida South Event Designer Olivia Velar jumped into action. Olivia came up with another concept and contacted one of our suppliers to request a rush piece. Our supplier began working on the project for us on a Saturday and created the structure for us on a Sunday, just in time for us to proceed with the installation that Monday. All in all, the supplier finished this custom piece for us within 24 hours. The client was extremely impressed with the new concept and said it was just what they were envisioning. This couldn't have happened without the great relationship we have with our supplier. Our supplier partnerships are extremely important to us and operate based on mutual respect. These relationships are integral for us when we need to go out of the "norm" and need a reliable partner during crunch time.


With the attendees being their top earners, the client wanted to provide individual airport transportation for their incoming flights. It was important to the client that their guests feel pampered, which they felt would be present with these individual arrivals rather than large group transportation. Although this certainly presented a challenge, our team was able to accomplish it flawlessly with their logistical experience and careful, detailed planning.  

Welcome Reception

Welcome Reception

The welcome reception was extremely important to the client, who was highly impressed with the Wynwood district in Miami. Wynwood is an up-and-coming neighborhood known for its trendy art and many colorful murals. Since the client wasn't able to have two nights off-property from the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, we brought Wynwood to them! We took the time to listen to what they wanted, then showed them we could fulfill their needs by building numerous custom pieces and setting up a large amount of décor. The client loved the fabric prints, and was very pleased with our choices of bright colors and interactive elements that perfectly represented the Wynwood district.

To make guests feel like they were really in the neighborhood, we began the evening by inviting them to walk through a literal recreation of the actual gates of Wynwood. Guests were greeted with a yarn-wrapped tree in the center of our bar that became a real focal point for the event, while lounge groupings with different patterns added to the vibrancy. With all of the custom décor, one major challenge was being able to strategically place so many large pieces within a small footprint. With careful planning we made sure everyone was able to flow easily within the space and accomplished our client's goal of perfect symmetry throughout. 

Break dancers

The welcome reception was also open to the guests' families, whose children ranged in age from three to seventeen (quite a range!). Our team had to cleverly build a kids' area with fun activities that they would want to participate in, but one that also made sense within the overall style and theme of the event. To play off the artsy-feel of the night, we had a tie-dye station (a big hit with the adults as well!), a standing art station, and massive colorful bubbles the children could chase around. 

Sand Art

Final Night Reception

Final Night Reception

The final night reception at the historic public museum was to be an event to remember. It certainly was for our clients and guests, but for us as well! With so many custom pieces needing to be installed – the arbors, draping, chandeliers, and more – we rented out the museum the night before to get a head start on set up. Despite the advance work, we still experienced challenges with load-in on the day of the event since we had to split our load-in space with the catering team. Teamwork and creativity ensured that we were able to build the 48 tables we needed and transfer heavy furniture across the beautiful waterfront terraces, while catering was able to accomplish their goals in time to support our guests.


Our group size traditionally wouldn't have fit within the event area. The primary space is one terrace that's required to be tented in case of inclement weather. The problem? It only fits 300 people max, with no stage…or dance floor. We were well over that capacity with 500 guests, including the need for seating. We had to figure out how to fit the extra guests comfortably to where they didn't feel disjointed from the main group (and how do we convince the museum to let us do it?). Harkening back to our site visit concept, we envisioned a romantic Tuscan night but with a modern twist. We wanted to expand the party to an area beneath the terrace and create large, custom arbor structures to play in to the Tuscan feel. But…we needed approval first. In order to make our client's dream a reality, we met with the museum's curators, security, and preservation society as well as our suppliers. There was a lot of customization and carpentry involved with the creation of these arbor structures, which would need to be built off-site and then re-assembled on the museum grounds. Our great relationships and communication once again saved the day, paving the way for a unique experience never before seen at this museum.

The Result

Comfort is key, and the program was a raging success because our teams were able to communicate well with our client, our suppliers, and the venues, as well as demonstrate great collaboration within our own organization. The program leads stayed at the hotel so they could be on site and available for the client 24 hours a day. Highly impressed with their efforts and attention to detail, the Hello! Florida South team was also invited to bid one another of the client's major programs that will be in South Florida next year.

Destination, Managed. 

Team Photo

Apr 12
We Have Some Exciting News!

Hello! California expands to San Francisco

Hello! Destination Management Opens New Location in San Francisco

Hello! launches their tenth office and expands its operations to Northern California

Orlando, FL—Hello! Destination Management, a full-service destination management company (DMC) based in Orlando, Florida, has acquired Mana, Allison & Associates ("Mana, Allison") in San Francisco, California. Mana, Allison will continue its operations as "Hello! California," providing comprehensive corporate, incentive, and association program services in the San Francisco Bay Area, Napa & Sonoma, Monterey & Carmel, Silicon Valley, Half Moon Bay, Sacramento, and Lake Tahoe.

Mana, Allison has been tailoring programs to meet their clients' specific needs and desires for over 30 years. From exclusive tours and teambuilding events to transportation and more, Mana, Alison has earned a stellar reputation for combining their experience and local expertise with a can-do attitude to produce extraordinary events. Glenn Allison, Co-Owner of Mana, Allison, says, "Joining the Hello! team is a giant step forward in the evolution of Mana, Allison & Associates. After operating as a standalone DMC for 30 years, Co-Owner Dave Mana and I, along with the rest of our team, are thrilled to play a role in the continued growth of Hello! Destination Management. We are genuinely honored and proud to plant the Hello! flag in Northern California." Allison will continue with Hello! California as Vice President, while Mana will serve as a consultant and advisor for future programs.   

Paul Mears, III, President of Hello! Destination Management, says, "We are delighted to join forces with the Mana, Allison team. Glenn Allison and Dave Mana have built the most reputable DMC in San Francisco over the last 30 years, and the tenure and expertise of their team is extraordinary. Mana, Allison is the perfect match for us; we're joining their capabilities with our premier business infrastructure to provide exceptional service to our clients in Northern California."

San Francisco marks the tenth office for Hello! Destination Management. Founded in 1986 with a handful of employees, Hello! has expanded throughout the country with over 200 full-time employees. Hello! is known nationwide for their dedication to providing outstanding guest experiences in over 35 world-class destinations coast-to-coast, such as Orlando, South Florida, Nashville, Dallas, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Southern California, and more. For more information, visit www.hello-dmc.com or contact Jennifer Behar at jbehar@hello-dmc.com

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Mar 27
The New Meeting Essentials

​Clipboard registration, greeting signs on easels, and college-style classroom seating. Sounds like a fun meeting, right? Yeah, we don't think so either. Today's events aren't your parents' old meetings. Here's a look at some of the "new meeting essentials" that will launch your next program into the diverse and digital 21st century.


Regiception 1

Regiception 2

Get creative in greeting your attendees by hosting a "regiception," a joint registration and reception event where guests register for the meeting in a fun and comfortable environment. Regiceptions bring life into what is otherwise a tedious administrative task. Our Hello! Florida team recently designed a citrus-themed regiception to give guests an introduction to Florida and register for the event alongside food and beverage service. The regiception was in the same space as the meeting's breakouts, which also allowed us to brand the breakout space for the next several days. Charging stations within the furniture guaranteed that guests could stay connected, while interactive elements such as adult coloring tables gave guests the chance to sip, dine, and unwind from their travel. 

Technology Integration

Don't saddle your guests with a bunch of papers and schedules that they need to carry around with them, or shout reminders to your guests with a microphone and hope that they remember. Begin your technological integration by investing in an event app. Event apps excite and engage attendees by building a stronger and more intimate connection to your event. Let attendees view their schedules at-a-glance while you enjoy the freedom of easily making last-minute or real-time updates.

Go a step further to really personalize your experience by pushing messages through your app based on your attendees' location. We start by placing beacons around the hotel or venue with your programmed messages. Once that beacon is pinged by your guest's location, your desired message will automatically pop up in your event app. For example, Hello! can help you place beacons by the front door to send a message welcoming your guests to the meeting. Did you negotiate a spa discount into your hotel package? Remind guests to take advantage of that offer by placing a beacon with a relevant message near the spa entrance. 

Natural Branding

Natural Branding

The easel is outdated! Welcome your guests with step-and-repeats or fun hedge walls to create a photo opportunity that people actually want to post to their Instagram. 

Cameron Rust, Senior National Asset Manager – Branding and Continuity, says, "The trend is moving toward targeting your internal employees like you target your customers. Rather than just putting your logo on everything, you want to represent your brand in more authentic and non-obvious way." Embody your company through pictures, colors, or add to the décor by using projected catchphrases on ballroom walls.  

Painless Photos

The movement toward a more consumer-oriented experience is going corporate. Everyone loves a good photo, but at events, they usually hate the process to get it. We've eased that frustration by using registration data to prepopulate and program a scannable sticker on the back of each guest's name tag. Throughout the event, photographers would take a picture and then scan the attendee's sticker, ensuring each photo was tracked quickly and accurately. Photos were then easily accessed through the event app or by visiting a website and typing in their barcode. 

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable Seating

Who says General Session seating has to be stuffy? Let guests absorb your information in an environment that is most comfortable and conducive to learning for them by offering various seating options.

"Instead of typical classroom seating with rows of long tables, at a recent event we created a General Session room with four different styles of seating: Individual seats, sofa seating, classroom-style seating, and twin-seat tables. That way guests could pick their seat based on their own favorite viewing style," said Kate Connin, Event Designer for Hello! Florida. "Movie-theater-style tiered seating also ensured everyone had a good view, rather than stretching to look over other people's heads."

Mar 27
Destination Deep Dive: San Diego

San Diego Nighttime

With miles of white, sandy beaches and its amazing, temperate climate, San Diego is the perfect location for those who want some sunshine on their face and a little breeze in their hair. Curious about the second largest city in California but unsure about what unique experiences "America's Finest City" has to offer? Let's take a deep dive and explore some of the most popular local options from our Hello! California experts.

Craft Beers and Microbreweries

Craft Beer

San Diego's craft beer culture has exploded in recent years, with micro-, craft-, and nano-breweries pouring specialty ales in over 150 locations. Whether you're in the mood to walk or
roll to your brews, Hello! California can get your taste buds dancing with a lively tour of the
San Diego suds scene.

Craft Brewery Walking Tour

Experience one of the world's leading craft beer scenes right in the heart of downtown San Diego! This progressive tour takes guests to some of the newest and most popular breweries in town. Whether you're into pale ales or strong stouts, you'll be sure to get a wonderful taste for San Diego's craft beer culture. Duration: 3.5 hours

Trolley 'N Taps Tour

Over the last several years, San Diego has surged onto the local brewing map and is now known as the beer capital of the world. This custom tour taps into San Diego's rich history and its bustling beer scene. Via their trademark vintage-style trolleys, you'll journey through San Diego's most culturally significant neighborhoods to sample some of American's finest brews! Duration: 5 hours

Farm-to-Table Tour

Farm-to-Table Tour

Today's frenzied way of life has caused a reliance on fast food but yet a craving for farm-fresh cuisine. Farm-to-Table dining experiences are all about bringing the freshness of the field to your plate while creating an inspired and elevated culinary experience.

This local, sustainable, and delicious tour focuses on offering the ultimate food and beverage experience while educating guests with tastings and sights along the way. Throughout the day, guests will get exclusive behind-the-scenes tours and tastings at some of San Diego's best-kept secrets. You'll tour organic farms, specialty coffee roasters, urban wineries, award-winning breweries and restaurants, butcher shops, and fish markets. We've searched high and low for the most inspiring, influential, and innovative local artisans around the county. Whether you're a local or a traveler, this tour is a great way to see an alternative side of America's Finest City! Duration: 3.5 hours

Electric Bike Experience

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are on a roll! Already hugely popular in Europe, electric bikes are riding a wave of popularity as people discover the joy of exercising and getting some fresh air without breaking a sweat. This makes it perfect for meetings and events that want to break the traditional mold without leaving their guests exhausted and breathless.

Choose from one of six tours and take a ride on electric bicycles through the best sites of La Jolla, Balboa Park, Los Penasquitos Canyon, or Pacific Beach. Learn about the history of San Diego as you ride along the harbor and take in views of the Bay. Ride around Scripps Coastal Reserve and through the park where you can see kites and parasailers soaring through the sky, as well as a perfect view of the La Jolla Cove. Your tour could also take you through Balboa Park, home to gorgeous tree-lined paths, botanical and cactus gardens, and through the Spanish Art Village. Your guide can show you all the best that San Diego has to offer, regardless of which terrain suits your interests most! Duration: 2 hours

"Benvenuto" to Little Italy

Little Italy San Diego

Welcome to San Diego's "Little Italy," a lively and flourishing neighborhood packed with patio cafes, restaurants, art galleries, wineries, and fine shopping. With a wide selection of distinctive eateries and things to do, Little Italy is the perfect place to take a break from the indoors.

Experience a piece of the 147-year history of Little Italy, San Diego. Embark on a docent-led progressive dining experience that is part historical tour, part delicious experience of local Italian flavors. Experience a chef demonstration of artisanal pasta making, followed by lunch at a local restaurant, and top it off with some hand-crafted gelato. Duration: 3 hours

Sneak Peek: InterContinental San Diego

Wondering what's new in San Diego? Here's an insider's sneak peek of the InterContinental San Diego, opening in 2018!

InterContinental San Diego Outside

The InterContinental San Diego will be the city's waterfront gem where you can indulge in making memories while experiencing the highest levels of luxury. Located on San Diego's waterfront at BRIC (Broadway at Pacific Highway), one of the most prominent and visible sites in downtown, the hotel embraces guests with an exquisitely curated lifestyle resort that provides a welcome and exclusive escape.

InterContinental San Diego Inside

Redefining comfortable, casual elegance, the InterContinental's interior design and 400 guestrooms (many with expansive ocean views) embrace the resort's waterfront location, creating an enchanting world-class oasis.

InterContinental San Diego Lobby      

Host meaningful and thoughtfully crafted events in their intuitively designed meeting space, elegant sun-lit ballrooms, and unique venues totaling 90,000 square feet, to include 18 unique meeting rooms. Take joy in indulging on one of their many private outdoor sunset terraces while looking out over the ocean and toasting your decision to come to San Diego.

InterContinental San Diego Balcony

Ready to embrace the city with a laid-back lifestyle and unique, hidden treasures? Contact our Hello! California team to make your next meeting or program a true vacation and revel in the excitement and adventure of being a San Diegan. 

Mar 27
Microsoft Gives Back

Microsoft Gives Back

You may know Microsoft for their computer software, electronics, and computers, but philanthropy is near and dear to their hearts as an organization. Microsoft Philanthropies believes in a "future where every person has the skills, knowledge, and opportunity to achieve more." In February 2018, our Hello! Arizona team had the distinct honor of helping over 550 Microsoft employees with a community Give Back project during their program at The Phoenician in Scottsdale.

Microsoft Philanthropies partnered with the American Red Cross (ARC) to organize a Give Back program that provided comfort hygiene kits for the ARC's Houston, Texas location. Houston was still grappling with the devastating effects of a massive hurricane, and Microsoft wanted to do something that replenished the supplies of those who were in critical need.

American Red Cross Kits Disaster Relief

The large group of attendees were first given an overview of the project by the ARC representative during their general session. Guests were informed that they would be split up into teams, which was noted on the back of the name badges they were wearing. When the excited Microsoft teams walked outside, they found their assigned table numbers and gathered around one of the 48 tables; each of which held all of the supplies that were waiting to be packaged with care. Our emcee host kept the energy alive on the microphone as guests worked hard to get all of the comfort kits created, labeled, inspected, and packed. Overall, the impact made by this team was quite impressive – in the span of just two hours, the group built 15,360 care packages! Hello! Arizona then transported those care packages (which filled an astounding 31 pallets!) from The Phoenician to the American Red Cross in Arlington, Texas. Brianna Moody, Senior Account Executive for Hello! Arizona, says, "What an experience it was to see this come to fruition and the smiling faces of everyone that participated. The group worked so hard to make this happen!" 

Disaster Relief Kits Hello DMC Microsoft

Be sure to ask your Account Executive about how you can organize a Give Back program during your next event, or contact us for more information. 

Learn more about our featured organizations:

American Red Cross

Microsoft Philanthropies

Mar 14
Destination, Managed: Rockin' It in Music City

Nashville DMC Destination Managed

We're heading for the hills! Let's keep our "Destination, Managed" series rolling with a look at a recent program our Hello! Nashville team operated for a multinational tire manufacturing company.

The company was holding their annual conference at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center for a large group of their loyal dealers. With around 2,300 guests in attendance, it was important to the company that they showed their true appreciation for their dealers' hard work. We were competing with three other destination management companies (DMCs) for the program; one of which was the incumbent DMC that the company had a longstanding relationship with. To demonstrate the Hello! difference, we designed a custom and elaborate presentation to showcase our capabilities and dedication to achieving a highly successful (and memorable) event. After our presentation, the vote was unanimously in favor of working with Hello!.  

The Events

The program took place over four days, with four key events: A teambuilding event, welcome reception, middle night dinner and off-property show, and a final night gala. We provided all of the décor on-site for the entire conference, coordinated the off-site event at the Grand Ole Opry, and provided transportation and airport transfers. The entire program featured a very heavy emphasis on creative elements and custom décor.

Teambuilding Activity

The company wanted to begin their program with a unique teambuilding activity. Being in "Music City," what better way to welcome attendees to the area than with a "Rock 'n Roll Game Show?" 

Nashville DMC Teambuilding Activity

Welcome Night

The "Welcome Night" was a casual event on the exhibit floor where attendees were encouraged to eat, drink, relax, and mingle. Although guests would not be going downtown for any portion of the program, the company wanted to give them a little taste of the downtown Nashville experience. To achieve that goal and transform the exhibit space into something more comfortable, we created life-size replicas of some of the most famous honkey-tonks on the famous Lower Broadway in downtown Nashville. The facades were custom-built for the program, taking 4-5 months in order to fully fabricate. We also built a custom neon entrance piece to welcome guests to what was sure to be a fun-filled evening.

Nashville DMC Welcome Night

Nashville DMC Welcome Night 2

Grand Ole Opry Night

The night began with a dinner at the Opryland. The company wanted to focus on the food and entertainment, so we created custom buffet signage and used a variety of entertainers. An acoustic trio played during dinner to set the mood while country music star impersonators such as Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Eric Church, and more roamed throughout the space to greet guests. To build excitement for the night's main event, we also created custom signage with Grand Ole Opry facts strategically placed throughout the dinner space.

When dinner was finished, guests were invited to walk through a custom replica of the famous Grand Ole Opry barn doors and head to the buses for transportation to a private showing at the Opry. To accommodate a group of this size, we had 12 motor coaches on a continuous rotation, loading three buses simultaneously. To ensure everyone made it the Grand Ole Opry as quickly as possible, three new buses would arrive every three minutes to transport guests to the venue. Of course, who better to keep guests entertained while they waited, and welcome them to the Opry, than our highly entertaining group of impersonators?

Nashville DMC Grand Ole Opry Night

Nashville DMC Grand Ole Opry Night 2

Gala Night

After a successful few days, it was time for the farewell dinner. Traditionally a more formal event, the company wanted to close out their time together with a real WOW factor. To achieve that, we made sure that upgraded linens and chairs covered the space with soft ambient lighting for the centerpieces. To top it all off, the company brought in a famous chart-topper to perform for the group of awe-struck guests.

Nashville DMC Gala Night 1

Nashville DMC Gala Night 2

The Challenges

Given that the company was a tire manufacturer, all transportation for the program (private vehicles and large buses) needed to run on their tires. Since our transportation partner did not have a way to change the bus tires at their on-site facility, the vehicles needed to be taken out of rotation in order to have their tires changed at the company's local service center. This presented a unique challenge and required a great deal of communication between the company, our third-party client, our transportation partner, and the company's local service center in order to be successful.

In addition to the transportation challenge, hotel events took place at the Opryland's Ryman Exhibit Hall; the largest non-gaming hotel exhibit space in the world. Our teams continuously walked throughout the 260,000 square feet of space to ensure everything was being executed flawlessly. Two of the after-hours events also took place in the hall, so we had to transform the existing tradeshow arrangement into a space more suitable for relaxing and networking, with very limited time for set up.  

The Result

Our client gave us five out of five stars on our post-event survey and said it was the most well-executed conference to date for them. This was quite an accomplishment, considering we were not the favorites to win the program during the bidding process.

But what can we say? Destination, Managed. 

Feb 23
American Heart Month: Let's Get Moving!

​Your guests don't want to be bored, and that's not exactly your goal either. Be the hero of your next meeting or conference by incorporating some of these heart-healthy and unique exercises to get your guests' blood pumping and break the boredom barrier.

Heli Yoga (Hello! Las Vegas)

Hello! Las Vegas DMC Heli Yoga

Welcome to the most exclusive yoga experience you'll ever have. Guests begin their adventure by boarding a helicopter and taking in a birds-eye view of a beautiful desert valley. After landing, guests begin their 75-minute private yoga session. The session is adaptable to all skill levels and includes a custom playlist and instructions transmitted through wireless headphones. Once the session has concluded, guests are whisked away on the helicopter back to the Las Vegas terminal, but not before an aerial tour of the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

Field Day at The Star (Hello! Texas)

Hello! Texas DMC Field Day 1

A recent client wanted their guests to have a "field day" (literally!) during their visit to Dallas. This particular program was heavily focused on meetings and content, so our client wanted to give their attendees a break off-property while encouraging some friendly competition between the teams. After sourcing several venues, a perfect match came to mind—the Ford Center at The Star, where none other than the Dallas Cowboys train. What an ideal way for a group of driven and competitive sales teams to blow off some steam after a full conference day!

The official DJ and emcee for the Dallas Cowboys were waiting for our guests as they descended upon the field. "I'M IN" was the theme of their meeting, so it was also woven throughout the Field Day event. After seeing our custom "I'M IN EAST" vs. "I'M IN WEST" signage, it quickly became clear that it was GAME ON for our attendees! Guests passed, ran, sank, and outsmarted their way to achieving gold coins at each of the various sports activities.

After all was said and done, the "West" won bragging rights as the Field Day champions while our clients left that night saying it was the best program they'd ever had for their division.

Hello! Texas DMC Field Day 2

Hello! Texas Field Day 3

Yoga with the Dolphins (Hello! Las Vegas)

Hello! Las Vegas DMC Yoga with Dolphins

Find balance and harmony while doing yoga poses among the dolphins! Your guests will have exclusive use of the underwater dolphin viewing area of Sigfried and Roy's Dolphin Habitat, where they will have a private one-hour yoga session with a certified instructor. Curious dolphins will glide past and peer through the viewing windows, creating a magical background to your experience.

Beach Olympics (Hello! Florida - South)

Hello! Florida South DMC Beach Olympics

Our client wanted a fun teambuilding event with games that were not too physically challenging, but allowed their guests to get some fresh air on the beach. They selected the following five activities from a myriad of options for their afternoon fun in the sand: 

  1. Obstacle Course: Run, jump, leap over hurdles, and step in and out of inner tubes as you race to the finish line
  2. Water Bomb: Bombs away! Make sure you catch the "water bombs" from this three-person slingshot before they hit the ground
  3. Beach Scrabble: A new kind of buried treasure! Teams have one minute to search for buried letters in the sand and then make as many words as they can
  4. Dodge Ball: Who doesn't love this favorite childhood pastime?
  5. Tug of War: The two rival teams literally dug their heels in to tug it out for the ultimate bragging rights

The guests were thrilled with the opportunity to get their blood flowing while feeling the sand in their toes on a beautiful South Florida beach.

If the idea of these activities at your next event makes your heart race, be sure to contact us for more information. 

Feb 23
Program Primer: Sake 'N Shine

Hello! DMC Morimoto Asia and Homecomin'

Today we're giving a quick primer on our "Sake 'N Shine" program, a rockin' block party at two of the hottest restaurants in Orlando's Disney Springs – Morimoto Asia and Homecomin'. Featuring the fusion of Asian and Southern Homestyle cooking, guests are invited to relax with appetizers, dinner, drinks, and a variety of entertainment as East meets West.

Sake 'N Shine Outside View

Morimoto Asia is Iron Chef Morimoto's first-ever pan-Asian restaurant, showcasing a variety of mouthwatering dishes from Japan, China, Korea, and Thailand. "I'm very excited to bring this new concept to Disney, something I've always dreamed of," said Chef Morimoto. "It's a wonderful chance to share some of my favorite foods from across the Asian continent." Morimoto Asia features waterside seating, terraces, a grand hall, and a cocktail lounge.

Morimoto Asia Inside View

Just across the way is Homecomin' – the Walt Disney World's Resort's only restaurant paying homage to Florida's rich cultural heritage by highlighting local ingredients and farm-to-table cuisine. Celebrity Chef Art Smith's family has called Florida home for six generations. The name Homecomin' is actually a nod to Chef Art's return to Walt Disney World after his first cast role in The Magic Kingdom College Program in 1981 (now known as the Walt Disney World College Program). Chef Art has spent many years traveling, cooking award-winning meals for celebrities, and opening incredible restaurants across the country. But to him, Florida is home, and he's come back to share some of his favorite Florida dishes.

Homecomin' Inside View

With a maximum capacity of 1,200 guests, this block party can easily fit most groups. After a long day, attendees will arrive to hand-selected passed hors d'oeuvres and drinks, followed by robust buffets featuring such delights as shrimp and grits and fried chicken at Homecomin' along with carved Peking duck and dumplings at Morimoto Asia.

Sake 'N Shine Welcome Arrival

Sake 'N Shine Food Service

For more information on Morimoto Asia, Homecomin', or our "Sake 'N Shine" program, please contact Hello! Florida Senior Vice President/General Manager Vic Laxson at vlaxson@hello-dmc.com or 407.674.3002.     

Feb 23
Destination, Managed: Miami International Boat Show & Miami Yacht Show

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The Miami International Boat Show and Miami Yacht Show are two of the largest boat shows in the world, featuring over 1,400 new boats, yachts, catamarans, and thousands of boating accessories. For February's edition of our "Destination, Managed" series, we'll take an in-depth look at how our Hello! Florida (South) team managed the transportation and logistics for these annual events. 

The Events

Hello! Florida (South) provided all of the logistical planning, vehicles, and transportation staff for the Miami International Boat Show and Miami Yacht Show. The Miami International Boat Show was located on Virginia Key at Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin while the Miami Yacht Show was showcased on Miami Beach's Collins Avenue. Both of these highly popular shows operated simultaneously over a five-day period.

Destination, Managed The Events

The Challenges

Our client wanted the right transportation, at the right places, with consistency between wait times across the shows (which needed to be minimal). The shows needed to not only be accessible, but convenient for their attendees. Hospitality was also a key objective—friendly, warm staff greeting their guests and providing a good customer experience. It was important to Hello! Florida and our client that their guests felt like they were getting good service from us as well as the shows. With so many people descending upon Miami, crowd control was another goal that would certainly present a challenge.

The Boat Show has been produced since 1969, yet Virginia Key was only very recently incorporated as its primary location—an island with very limited infrastructure for transportation. Since the Boat Show has the economic impact of two-and-a-half Super Bowls on the city of Miami, detailed communication and coordination between our team, the boat shows' leaders, Miami Dade Police, and other city personnel was absolutely essential.

To ensure perfect execution and service, our teams performed "dry-runs" with the drivers across all five routes and held two half-day staff briefings in order to prepare. This gave us the opportunity to pass out packets of necessary information and answer all questions about the event. To accomplish crowd control, we set up tents, formed line systems, and even used staff as human arrows. Our team also worked closely with the city police to control the traffic flow coming off of the island.

Destination, Managed The Challenges

The Result

Hello! Florida (South) operated five routes for a 10-hour period each day, transferring over 85,000 people throughout the shows from multiple lots that were spread throughout the heavily congested city of Miami. On peak days, our team managed 66 vehicles as well as 53 staff members. We received countless compliments on how efficient and organized the transportation was, as well as how helpful and knowledgeable our staff were. The team's skillful communication and coordination between our client, city leaders, local police, and event staff ensured yet another exceptional guest experience that Hello! Florida is known for.

Destination, Managed.

Hello! Destination Management Company Fun Group Photo

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