10 Entertainment Enhancements for your next Hollywood Theme Party

Awards season may have already passed, but the next round of Hollywood blockbusters are on their way to a theatre near you. We thought we’d join in the fun by selecting 10 Entertainment Enhancements to make your next Hollywood theme party sparkle and shine.

Red Carpet / Living Red Carpet

A Hollywood theme party without a red carpet is like a house without a door. Roll one out for your guests, and they will feel like celebrities from the moment they arrive. Another fun option is our “living” red carpet, which is basically a woman in a long red dress who has mastered the art of not moving for hours.

hollywood theme party red carpet

Living Red Carpet

(Bizbash – Champagne Creative Group – Las Vegas)

Step & Repeat

Pair a logo’d step and repeat with your red carpet, and turn your entrance into a branded photo opportunity.

hollywood theme party step and repeat

Paparazzi / Fashion Police

Hire a swarm of faux paparazzi or fashion police to fight for the attention of your guests and scream all the typical intrusive questions like “who are you wearing!?” (Don’t worry, everyone’s on the “best dressed” list at our events.)

hollywood theme party paparazzi


Incorporating recognition into your event is a great way to show attendees your appreciation and make them feel valued in front of their peers. Engraved keepsake awards keep the warm and fuzzy feelings alive long after the evening is over.

hollywood theme party awards

Crooner & Big Band

Keep it classy with our Frank Sinatra-style crooner whose set list includes all the favorite American songbook classics. Dramatic “Big Band” orchestras are always a Hollywood party hit, especially when used to accompany any awards recipient’s triumphant walk to the stage.

hollywood theme party music

Celebrity Appearance or Lookalikes

Even if you don’t have a Beyonce budget, there are plenty of known personalities in Southern California who earn a significant portion of their living via celebrity appearances. The Event Team can propose options that make sense for the demographic of your event. Choose from athletes, actors, musicians, socialites, television and internet sensations, top chefs, renowned authors, former astronauts – you name it! Another great (and more economical) option is celebrity lookalikes. We offer options that span across the decades, from Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe to modern-day stars like Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and Nicole Kidman, and more!

hollywood theme party look-alike


Live Social Media / Photo Feeds

Over the last several years, social media engagement has become a huge part of Hollywood awards ceremonies (remember the Ellen-selfie?). From live tweeting, to social media walls, to instant event photography uploads, there are a multitude of ways to ensure your event takes place in a virtual venue.

hollywood theme party photobooth

Gifts and Amenities

Don’t let your guests go home empty-handed! The ever-popular shwag bag is a staple of most Hollywood awards ceremonies. Amenities are a wonderful way to emphasize your brand, debut a new product, and/or give your guests the VIP treatment.

hollywood theme party amenities

Philanthropic Component

Hollywood culture has an interesting reputation for being both indulgent and charitable. As much as celebrities take the heat for their lavish lifestyles, a large number of them use their status as a vehicle for affecting change. You can also affect change at your next Hollywood-themed event by adding a philanthropic component. It can be something as simple as a silent auction or a drive for books, toys, clothes, non-perishable food, etc., or The Event Team can provide interactive Corporate Social Responsibility stations such as Military Care Packages, Card-Making, Mural-Painting, Bike-Building and more.

hollywood theme party philanthropic

Hollywood Theme Party – Need More Info?

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