20 Meeting Planner Resources We Love in Southern California!

20 Meeting Planner Resources We Love in Southern California

The Event Team has learned a few things during our 20 years in the event planning business.  Like true craftsmen, we would not be able to create amazing events without the tools of the trade.  Here are some of our favorite resources at the event planner’s fingertips that can help increase efficiency when organizing superior events.

1. BizBash & Smart Meetings:  Stay up-to-date on the latest venues and news from the event planning industry by subscribing to BizBash and Smart Meetings’s websites and monthly publications.  These professional resources are brimming with great ideas and tips for putting on the freshest events.

2. Super Planner:  Quickly estimate little details such as seat configurations, room size, hors d’oeuvres count, and gratuity with the useful Super Planner smart phone app.  It’s like a mini event planning tool suite on your phone!

3. San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau:  A comprehensive source for all things related to San Diego tourism, San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau is extremely useful to the meeting planner.  They are just as excited to introduce new folks to San Diego as you!

Happiness is Calling from San Diego CVB on Vimeo.

4. San Diego Convention Center:  Another great resource for information about San Diego is the San Diego Convention Center.  Their green building facilities and knowledgeable staff make them a true leader in the community.

5. CardMunch:
  Never manually enter business card details again with CardMunch!  This time-saving app converts photos of business cards in to smart phone contacts.  It is especially useful after a big networking event.  It even links to the contact’s LinkedIn profile, don’t you just love technology!

6. MPI:  Meeting Planners International is the premiere global association community for meeting and event planning professionals.  A wealth of knowledge and resources are available through MPI in addition to incredible networking opportunities.

7. QuickBase:  Easily keep track of clients, vendors, venues, and staff with QuickBases’s vast and user-friendly database tools.  Productivity is sure to increase with all your contacts in one easy-to-navigate, cloud-based location.

8. Discover LA:  All the information you need about tourism in Los Angeles can be found through Discover LA.  This convention and visitors bureau is an expert in selling one of the nation’s largest and diverse cities.

9. Los Angeles Convention Center:  The award-winning Los Angeles Convention Center is another fantastic resource for all things related to visiting the City of Angels!

10. MapMailer:
  Never give poor directions again with the MapMailer app.  Send your clients and colleagues the exact location of your site or event via a mobile map.  You will save time and eliminate the risk of getting lost.

11. Eventbrite:  Eventbrite is a website/app that takes care of all your ticketing and reservation management needs.  Create a webpage for your event, promote it via social media, track attendance, check-in attendees, and process payments all in one convenient place!

12. Santa Monica Convention and Visitors Bureau:  Need information about the hip and stylish beach city of Santa Monica, be sure to check out the Santa Monica Convention and Visitors Bureau.  This is your stop for all the deets on this lively, sustainability-conscience escape.

13. MindNode:
  MindNode is a nifty mind mapping app that helps you visualize your ideas so that you can bring them to life.  Organizing and planning is easier when your ideas are collected, classified, and structured.

14. Quickvoice:  The Quickvoice app eliminates note paper by swiftly creating voice recordings.  You can even use it to record conversations with clients or vendors so you don’t forget a single thing.

15. Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau:  Interested in planning an event between Los Angeles and San Diego?  The Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau is the premiere source for OC tourism information.

16. Anaheim Convention Center:  The largest convention center on the west coast, this is an amazing resource for Orange County events.

17. Photosynth
:  Photosynth is a photo app that stitches pictures together to create one single panoramic image.  This is a great way to share the look and feel of an event space without actually being there.

18. Twitter:  Twitter is an excellent way to stay in contact with clients, vendors, venues, and event attendees.  Post photos, links, and news to stay fresh in partners’ and (potential partners’) minds or vice-versa.  Be active and current to maintain and build those valuable relationships!

19. Santa Barbara Conference & Visitors Bureau:  For meetings along “The American Riviera” be sure to investigate the Santa Barbara Conference & Visitors Bureau.  This is the place for travel information regarding this beautiful coastal California region.

20. The Event Team:   Of course, we are an excellent resource as well!  Our experts at The Event Team can help you create memorable and unique events that fit your style and budget.  We know all the best venues and attractions in Southern California.  Whether it is a big party, tours, dine-arounds, or teambuilding, we can help you bring to life incredible events that will truly wow your guests!