20 Wacky/Wierd Beverly Hills Landmarks

As most of you know, Sally recently departed our full time team to set her sights on trip directing. One of her final contributions to the office represents why we think she’s going to succeed in her new endeavors.

While operating a program in Beverly Hills a couple months ago, Sally took it upon herself to create a behind-the-scenes study of Beverly Hills. Together with our General Manager Danny Fisk and A-Team field staffer Catherine Cox, Sally uncovered the hidden gems of this popular Los Angeles neighborhood! Enjoy our last “20 Things” blog of the year, and thank you for helping us celebrate our 20th year in a fun way!

20 Wacky and Weird Beverly Hills Landmarks:
1. The Witch’s House: A real showstopper at Halloween, during the rest of the year, the presumed home of the 7 Dwarves, this relocated thatched roof and odd angled wonder is now being restored by its real estate broker owner. A genuine antique!
2. The Antonin Guadi-inspired house Just off Rodeo’s shopping area. Its Art-Noveau curves and flourishes answer the age old Beverly Hills desire for idiosyncrasy; why not make your home the ultimate art object?

3. A City Hall/Police Station that doubles as a movie set. Seen in TONS of movies and TV shows.

4. Beverly Hills High School, a HighSchool with its own Oil Well! Cleverly disguised as a wooden building, to match the ambience of the school where Surfing 101 is a real class.
5. A swim-nasium. Beverly Hills High School’s gym floor doubles as the school’s swimming pool. (Remember seeing it in “It’s a Wonderful Life?”) No, they don’t taeach surfing class there!
6. Motion Picture Library – Featuring a stained glass window that is really a Movie Reel. They make you wear white gloves at this repository of photos and memorabilia from the movies…IF you can even get in.
7. The magical, mystical Kabbalah Center. Once so poor that they shopped at thrift stores, slept in cramped rooms above a Queens synagogue and studied scripture on a ping-pong table, the Rabbi Berg family gradually turned their spriitual vision into the Kabbalah Center, a worldwide organization with headquarters in Los Angeles, branches in dozens of countries, and assets estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
8. 537 Doheny Drive. This is where Marilyn Monroe shared an apartment with Shelley Winters. Guess what young strapping lad would hike over the Hollywood Hills from the Valley to visit those two lovely ladies? Answer: Sean Connery!
9. Forget about the pink flamingos in the front yard – this Beverly Hills mansion has a full menagerie complete with elephant, tigers, and a 15′ giraffe. No feeding necessary.
10. The World’s most expensive car. The late Bijan’s yellow Bugatti Veyron (worth 1.7 million dollars) is often seen parked in front of his Rodeo Drive store. Yellow was his favorite color – the whole store is painted to match his car!
11. Angeline, the Barbie Doll of Beverly Hills. Can be seen in a pink corvette or on self-purchased billboards. She’s the “grandma” of all ridiculously endowed starlets with a fondness for pink.
12. A cupcake ATM! Now why didn’t they think of that a long time ago?
13. Lilly and Gordon have been trying to get up enough nerve to cross busy Little Santa Monica Blvd for as long as Danny (our General Manager) can remember – and he grew up here!
14. A George Jetson Gas Station. Located at the corner of Olympic and Robertson, this is one of the architectural treasures in Beverly Hills.
15. Statue of Liberty – Cold Water Canyon. Although she most likely doesn’t want you to “bring me your tired, your poor.”
16. Queen of comedy writing Carrie Fisher posts gate signs that read “No Swimsuits in Lobby,” “Public Telephone Within,” and “Beware of Crabs.”
17. Did someone’s ceramic class project end up on this front lawn? The Beverly Hills Kitsh-o-Meter is breaking!
18. A house that looks like a water tank. One cannot be too prepared for that impending earthquake!
19. Of course no Beverly Hills tour is complete without a celebrity sighting or two. Here is our most recent at the Beverly Hilton. Joe and Richard Childs, who recreated the chracters of “Mini Me” and “Monkey Butler” from the famous V Energy Drink Ads of Australia were brough it specifically for our client’s event at the hotel. Both Joe and Richard are also recreating the Munchkin characters in “OZ the Great and Wonderful,” hitting theatres in March!
20. Finally – our own Wild and Wacky Los Angeles Staff!
Hope you enjoyed your tour of the Wacky, Weird and Wonderful Beverly Hills you never knew existed!