2014 – New Year, New Goals for The Event Team

We love the way January brings about a revived energy and positivity. Here at The Event Team, we made sure to take advantage of that brain rejuvenation by focusing on some personal and professional goals. We also started our annual fat-off, where we encourage each other to make better fitness and nutrition choices. To top it off, some of us created vision boards to help us stay on track with our goals. Take a look at our goals and visions, and feel free to share yours with us!

Romy Linde, Director of Sales:
Personal: Staying positive, being the best mom I can be, giving back, staying fit and healthy.
Professional: Progressing with the Director of Sales position and doing the best I can to do better than last year, which was our best year.
Photo Jan 02, 3 14 51 PMPaige Weeber, VP of Operations:
Personal: Get back to my “I feel good in my clothes” weight by using my Nike app to do cardio 3x/week, using My Fitness Pal to keep me honest on my caloric intake and to ride my “new” bike often (thanks Rachel)!
Professional: To continue to test myself by taking on programs that are out of my comfort zone, to delegate to my Ops Managers and give them more programs to help them grow, and to work on not crying when I’m stressed.

Jackie Fennelly, Executive Assistant:
Personal:Be more active and spontaneous during my time off – take yoga classes, run on the beach, take my dog on more hikes, explore new areas of San Diego, try out new recipes and meet more people!
Professional: Make Orange County a greater area of focus as I research new venues and activities – it’s fun and really helpful for our Sales Managers!
Photo Jan 02, 3 13 02 PMLaura Stomber, Account Coordinator:
Personal: To place in top 10 in my Crossfit Competition, and to get closer to making it to Crossfit Regionals.
Professional: To continue to help expand the LA office and gain more insight into Los Angeles and the tourism industry that surrounds us.

Lindsay White, Director of Marketing:
Personal: Get back to my pre-baby weight – oh wait, there was no baby, I just got fat on my own – via tracking my nutrition, using the remainder of my yoga glasses from a Groupon I bought last year, and running two 10ks in the next six months.
Professional: Continue to provide helpful marketing materials to our hoteliers, create a strategy to win more repeat business, and expand our brand awareness via more published blogs and articles in hospitality-related publications.
Photo Dec 31, 8 04 38 AMDan Bolen, Operations Manager:
Personal: To start tracking my diet intake and make healthier choices throughout the year.
Professional: Develop a larger core of staff members I can utilize for Los Angeles programs to satisfy the many and varied requests of clients coming to Los Angeles.

Bill Yahres, VP of Sales & Marketing
Personal: Play tennis 130 times in 2014
Professional: Work smarter not harder

Rachel Horgan, Sales Manager:
Personal: In my efforts to continue this quest to what they call the land of “adulthood,” I will be working on budgeting my money. Because apparently spending your money on throw pillows and wine instead of food and savings isn’t considered budgeting in this land. Who knew.
Professional: I definitely have some high sales numbers I want to hit this year and growing the OC department will be one way to accomplish this. I am excited to revamp and manage the intern program and in my “free” time I will also be attending ToastMasters twice a month to help develop my public speaking (because karaoke has only gotten me so far). That was more than one goal, but what can I say, I’m motivated for 2014!
Photo Jan 02, 3 14 28 PMDick Burson, National Sales Manager:
Personal: Workout four times a week. Drop my body weight by 11 percent.
Professional: Complete the design concept process for six area hotels.

Jessica Ingalls, Operations Manager:
Personal: I’ve started a gratitude notebook. Every day I write down three things I’m grateful for that day. By taking the time to be grateful I hope to have a positive outlook for each situation I come into.
Professional: My goal for 2014 is to listen twice as much as I talk! It’s amazing the things you can learn when you lend an ear.
Photo Jan 02, 3 13 14 PMDanny Fisk, Los Angeles General Manager:
Personal: Learning to take “me time” and build meditation into my daily life.
Professional: Expand our LA team and make sure TET is a household name for LA.

Katie Bowen, Design & Sales Coordinator:
Personal: Here’s some of my list – Eat healthier. Swim more; I have to beat my record from last year of swimming 76 times. Get better at taking lunch to work. Read more and do more creative projects at home. Enjoy my new condo and cook more. Write in my “Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal” every day.
Professional: Get some creative projects and discover ways to be more efficient.
Photo Jan 02, 3 14 05 PM