3 Tips on Beating Los Angeles Traffic

Ah, Los Angeles traffic – can’t live with it, can’t live… with it. Ask any Angeleno and they will tell you it simply comes with the territory of living in Los Angeles, but with these tips traffic can be a thing of the past!

Los Angeles Downtown Skyline at Night with Freeways

1. Apps

We have the technology! Luckily there are people on this earth that hate traffic just as much as you do and created user friendly software to minimize travel times. Put your phone to work and make that morning commute a bit faster and easier with these traffic applications.

• Beat the Traffic – With live updates on accidents, congestion, and traffic, Beat the Traffic will help you find the fastest route to your destination. So you are not distracted while driving, Beat the Traffic allows you to set up alerts to warn against potential traffic problems.
• Sigalert – Get all your traffic news live with Sigalert.com. Pulling from state and government traffic data, the app reports speed of traffic and construction work among other delays that could affect your commute time.
• Waze – Work with other drivers to find the best routes and report on traffic delays. Waze records data about your trip such as your route and speed (among other information) then shares that data with other drivers using Waze and vice versa. Another feature is that maps are also continuously being updated by the Waze community, providing the most up to date information.

2. Shortcuts

Whoever said taking shortcuts in life will not get you anywhere must not be from Los Angeles. In this city being in the know of what streets and freeways to take and which ones to avoid can make the difference between being on time and watching the minutes tick by while stationary on the giant parking lot that is the 405. Find a detailed list of shortcuts throughout the city here.

3. Public Transportation

Sometimes the best way to dodge traffic is to steer clear of driving in the first place. Okay, probably not what you wanted to hear, but stop and think of all the positives of using public transportation.

• It will save you money. Taking public transport is about four times cheaper than commuting in your personal vehicle.
• It could improve your health. Those who use public transportation get about three times the amount of physical activity every day than those who do not.
• It is less stressful than driving. Instead, listen to music, catch up on the news, or just slow down for a while and take a break from your hectic day.
• It’s good for the environment. It has been shown that public transportation is at least two times as energy efficient as private vehicles. Hooray for going green!

We Can Help, Too!

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