5 Creative Culinary Teambuilding Challanges

Did you know two decades have passed since the original Iron Chef television show first aired in the United States? (We couldn’t believe our Googling eyes!) That show and other cooking channel favorites created an insatiable appetite for culinary teambuilding events in the destination management industry that continues to this day. The Event Team’s menu of cooking challenges has grown extensively over the years to highlight our Southern California destinations, accommodate pop culture trends, and most importantly, to meet our client’s goals and objectives. Here are five of our mouthwatering-favorites:

Salsa Guacarita Challenge

Slice, dice, chop, mash and mix your way to victory in a quest for SoCal’s best guacamole, salsa and margarita. Correct answers to company-related trivia will give participants the opportunity to earn special ingredients to spice up their creations. Guests must also promote their brand by creating a label for their margarita. Teams are judged on the taste of each entry, their marketing ingenuity, and teamwork. 
Why we love
 it: If you visit Southern California without eating your weight in avocados, you’re doing it wrong. Plus, tequila. There’s a whole song about it for a reason.

The Event Team - Salsa Guacarita Culinary Teambuilding

Beach BBQ Cook-Off

A professional chef will guide guests through this event, explaining different styles of BBQ (Texas, Kansas City, St. Louis) as well as the different cuts of meat that will be available for the challenge. Teams will then go head to head for best BBQ bragging rights.
Why we love it: Sometimes the logistics of culinary teambuilding events can be difficult due to restrictions on the use of multiple ovens/burners at certain venues. This event utilizes outdoor grills and takes place right on the beach; it’s a great option for groups who really want to turn up the heat!

The Event Team - BBQ Cookoff Culinary Teambuilding

VIP Cooking Class at Private Estate

Indulge in an unforgettable culinary adventure with acclaimed local foodie Jodi Abel who is kind enough to invite our guests into her beautiful home atop San Diego’s Mount Soledad. The location features stunning views of the city as well as an organic vegetable and herb garden.
Why we love it: Though not a true “teambuilding” event, this unique activity is perfect for small VIP groups who want an intimate and exclusive experience far away from the typical tourist traps.

The Event Team - Private Chef Jodi Abel

Food Truck Frenzy

Food trucks are a staple of the SoCal culinary scene, and they’re here to stay. For this event, participants must complete challenges and answer culinary trivia to earn ingredients from each food truck. The teams will square off to see who can create the best signature appetizer and marketing campaign for their dish.
Why we love it: By utilizing multiple food truck vendors, guests can enjoy a diverse array of local cuisine. Plus, each truck’s unique design and branding doubles as decor for the event!

The Event Team - Food Truck Frenzy Culinary Teambuilding

The Hungry Games

This Event Team original teambuilding event incorporates elements of the wildly popular The Hunger Games book series and blockbuster movie! Each team (or “district”) station will be set up to enclose a playing field & “cornucopia” of supplies. Throughout the event, participants will “volunteer as tributes” to represent their district in a physical or mental challenge against the other districts. The winning district for each challenge earns not only team points, but also the opportunity to select additional ingredients and/or utensils from the cornucopia that will enhance their final culinary creation. May the odds be ever in your favor!
Why we love it: Because no one actually dies in our version, and we love anything remotely having to do with Jennifer Lawrence.

The Event Team - The Hungry Games Culinary Teambuilding

Need More Info?

Contact The Event Team today to see what else we’ve cooked up in the culinary teambuilding department. Additional options include Cupcake Wars, Sushi School, Top Crust Pizza Challenge, and more. Mention the code SIZZLE to receive discounts on any of the five featured options above!