5 Reasons to Incorporate Celebrity Appearances at your SoCal Event

In Southern California, the stars are plentiful. And we don’t mean those beautiful, luminous balls of gas in the sky (our infamous smog prohibits us from claiming those as a selling point). We’re talking about stars of the celebrity variety, and here’s why we think you should hire one for your next event.

1. Create an Experience: An event planner’s goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for their guests – something that will live on as a positive association in the memory of each attendee. By hiring a celebrity to interact exclusively with your corporate group, you are adding an exciting page to the story of their relationship to your organization.

2. Demonstrate Expertise: We’re not just talking about the celebrities on the cover of grocery store magazines. We can also bring in notable professionals who serve as experts in their line of work. The Event Team can arrange appearances by successful athletes, chefs, filmmakers, scientists, authors and more! Adding a Top Chef personality to your next culinary teambuilding activity or a championship surfer to your group surf lessons immediately raises the bar, making your event more interesting and educational.

3. It’s Surprisingly Affordable: There are many reasons why Southern California lends itself so well to corporate travel. Great weather, incredible venues, and a range of diverse activity options top the list. From an entertainment standpoint, the region is incredibly budget-friendly because so many big-name artists call SoCal home. This can drastically reduce the price of artist travel, allowing more flexibility in your budget for the appearance itself.

4. Show Appreciation: Integrating celebrity appearances at your corporate event demonstrates to attendees that you’ve taken note of their specific interests and want to reward them with an memorable and unique learning opportunity. As a result, guests feel more valued and appreciative of the overall program.

5. Social Media Bonus: The final icing on the cake? Celebrity appearances naturally generate a social media buzz which is great for your brand and costs you zero marketing dollars. #winwin.

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