A 5k in 15 Pictures

Last weekend, The Event Team operated a wonderful 5K Run/Walk event at NTC Promenade for our longtime local clients, Lincoln Military Housing. (Fun fact – on of our contacts at Lincoln Military Housing actually used to intern for us!).

The mission of this race was to give military families the opportunity to give back to their local San Diego community, and to provide a chance for military families to meet some of the local organizations that support them throughout the year. At the Expo Event that accompanied the 5k, these organizations supplied information on their respective causes and ways to get involved and volunteer.

We wanted to give you a closer look at how our 5K Events work, especially this particular event, since it benefited our local military families and our community! Check out how it all went down below!

This is the set up of the event, held at NTC Park at Liberty Station. With the giant flag pole and cannons in the park it made for a perfect spot to hold a morning fun run for the family!

Cones are set and tagged with signage to direct runners on the route. Runners must run the circular route around the park two times before they reach 3.1 miles or 5 Kilometers. Each year the theme of the 5K run is “cause we can,” to encourage the families to stay strong not only in the race but also when members of their families are set overseas.

Half way through the circular route a water station is set for runners to grab a quick sip of water as they make their way through the rest of the race. To keep the energy high music is playing and the Event Team staff is there to cheer on the runners. Pictured here are 5 of our staff members or as we like to call them, race officials.

Runners getting ready for the race to start. Because it was a fun run all of the people who were planning to run were asked to come to the front. It should be no surprise that the top three male finishers are in this picture.

More of the group getting started!

Followed by the walkers. With so many little children there were a lot of strollers in this race .

Even though many of our participants decided not to competitively run, they were still happy to show their support for the Lincoln Military Housing community.

Everyone made it through the start line! As you can see, the children running in the children’s division were designated with yellow bibs so race officials could keep track of the different age categories.

After just 7 minutes and 7 seconds the front runner was just rounding the last corner of their first lap. Race officials waited at the start/finish line to cheer him on as he began his second and final lap.

On the back side of the course our race official encouraged children with high fives and cheers. She was also a traffic controller for the most difficult part of the race where runners were running in different directions based on how far along they were on the course.

Double work out for dad as he helped along his little one during the run!

This family kicked it into high gear, rounding the corner on just two wheels! Stroller wheelies!

Cheerleaders at the Start/Finish line cheer on the walkers as they finish their first lap. Not only did they get to cheer on the walkers but they also cheered on the first place finishers for both the men’s and children’s divisions.

Lincoln Military Housing invited their many sponsors to participate by setting up booths in their Expo area, which gave participants a chance to meet the local community organizations that offer a wide range of resources to their families.

While this particular event was fun for the whole family, please note that The Even Team can accommodate all types of racing events…our next 5K even includes pet participants! We can also incorporate chip timing and several different racing categories (Age, gender, etc.). If you’re interested in learning more about hosting a 5K in conjunction with your next Southern California meeting or event, contact The Event Team at 888-EVENT-88 or sales@eventteam.com.