A Farewell to Sally

We are sad to announce that longtime member of The Event Team full-time family is making a career transition and will no longer be working in the office full-time. Sally has been an integral part of the company’s growth and success, and we will miss her in the office on a daily basis, but we are happy for the new and exciting things life will bring her way. We asked Sally to share with us some of her favorite memories and lessons learned during her time here – Enjoy! We love you Sally!

Things I Learned from The Event Team (and other ponderings)  
by Sally Davis

After 15 wonderful years of working for The Event Team, I have decided to start a new adventure in life as an Independent Trip Director to help satisfy my love of travel, seeing and working with new people, and exploring new challenges. Before I begin that new phase, I have driven the long, Route 66 road from San Diego to St Louis and on up to the Chicago area to visit my children, grandchildren, and Mother who all live in those areas.  After the holidays, I will be starting my new life, but will be working closely with The Event Team both on programs (mostly in Los Angeles,  and Orange County) and with new and exciting Teambuilding Events.  So I will be seeing many of you again in the New Year.  I love The Event Team and miss them already. Can’t keep me away too long!

My first experience working with TET was in 1997 helping with the huge Momma’s Kitchen teambuilding. I had so much fun lugging stuff around that I wanted to do lots more of it. . .so I began working my way up as teambuilding staff, then DMC staff, and tour guide, almost made it to full City Tour guide, but thought it would be even more fun to work in the office. . .

*In 1997 – Pete Green also started working for TET helping with teambuilding. From then on we formed a great partnership that could rock any teambuilding event.
*In 1998 Lani Ryan and I were hired for the office the same day, both of us as part timers. We were supposed to share the same desk, but within a super short time, we were both off and running programs as full on Operations Managers.

*One of the most important things an Operations Manager can do to secure the success of a program comes from a philosophy I learned from Matt Robbins: Find excellent staff who work well together, brief them well, give them everything they need to succeed, treat them with respect and then get out of their way. They will work like a well-oiled machine.

*Some of the most fun is searching out new venues, tour ideas or teambuilding ideas then developing them into a viable event and watching the guests have a blast with your ideas.

*To create and maintain a successful team, you have to be a good Team member.
*The more accurate and complete the arrival manifest is, is almost always directly proportional to how smoothly the arrivals will go

*To work hard so the guests can play and have a great time.

*One of Bill’s philosophies also translates exceptionally well to working with staff on a program: Work hard to make friends of your co-workers. They will be much more willing to work with you in the future and go that extra mile that is so often needed on-site.

*With difficult clients, find out what they need and then give it to them without sacrificing yourself in the process.

*At 4am the St Regis Resport with its topiary hedges surrounded by morning fog, looks just like something out of “The Shining”!

*Park Rangers can be charming or mean s.o.b.s depending on what kind of a permit I am holding in my hand.

*Santa Catalina is the most fun on a bike, watching guests roll by in golf carts while searching out the next fun challenge on their golf cart rally.
*LA is an amazing city with wonders and excitement that far exceed the irritation of driving there.

*Orange County has more fun packed into it than imaginable – Newport Back Bay United Challenge on the beach, Duffy boats motoring along checking out homes of the rich and famous, Captain Dave’s fascinating Whale Watching and Dolphin Safari, the beauty of an Art Walk in Laguna, Crystal Cove at Sunset. .. (and you thought I was going to say “Disneyland”!)

*The Event Team has THE BEST, hardest-working, smartest and most experienced staff and vendors in all of San Diego, Orange County AND Los Angeles!

*Working in the Gaslamp, in our old office at the Keating Building was THE BEST and MOST EXCITING!!

*Reba Spencer, is actually a Lucy clone and can make the most awful spooky cat sounds.

*Jackie Herman is an artist.

*At the San Diego Zoo, you can still visit the Giant Tortoise (Ol’ No. 5) that Suzanne Ohlfest’s father helped to bring back from the Galapagos Islands when he was on a 1935 Zoo expedition.

*In Aruba, while looking for teambuilding supplies, I learned that there is no “rope” in the whole island of Aruba, (you can only find it if you ask for “line”)  and that it is very easy to find a local with a little boat who, when you are in a panic, because single kayaks were delivered when we needed doubles, will help you run up and down the coast hunting double kayaks and tow 8 of them back all tied together like little ducklings.
*Being hit by a paintball bullet HURTS LIKE HELL! (Pete and I drove all the way to Castaic 5 times to run Paintball challenges)

*I have seen the lobbies and ballrooms of more gorgeous hotels than most people see in a lifetime.

*Vendors are the lifeline of a program – start with an excellent vendor and everything is better.

*Through all of the 15 years I have been associated with The Event Team.  TET has been so much more than just a job to me. It started out to be just a fun little outdoors kind of job, then quickly moved into solace and support for me in the dark times of my husband’s illness, comfort and stability through the divorce years, fun, excitement and satisfaction of starting a program from scratch, forming and developing it to a successful ending with a very happy client was my goal with each and every program. With The Event Team, I have experienced a gazillion places and things that I would NEVER have seen and have experienced pure joy while working with incredible clients, staff, vendors and guests from around the world.
*Out of everything that I have done at The Event Team, traveling to new places and searching out all that new place has to  offer is my favorite, so that is where my heart is now leading me: To family and hopefully to those far off places that will actually pay to have me there!

*The best thing for me is that I am not really saying goodbye to The Event Team.  After a break to spend time with my family over the holidays, I will continue to work with The Event Team independently, with programs and with teambuilding.  I will miss seeing each and every one of you at The Event Team Christmas Party (the first one I’ve missed in all those years). But I will be seeing you all again very soon.


If you’d like to contact Sally, her updated contact info is:
phone: 858-232-4450
email:  sallytcd@gmail.com  or sdavis13@san.rr.com
LinkedIn: sallytcd@gmail.com