All We Do is Win, Win, Win, No Matter What!

Whether it’s personal or professional, the “super people” of The Event Team are always striving to set and accomplish big goals. We know winning isn’t everything, but it definitely feels great to see hard work pay off. Here are a few recent examples of our winning spirit!

Laura Stomber Wins Crossfit Competition
lauraL.A. Sales Manager Laura, who started training at Crossfit Hollywood in January of 2013, recently competed with Cave Crossfit in the intermediate category at the Weekend Warrior Rumble held in Ventura, CA. There were three workouts and she happened to PR (personal record) in all of the workouts and win in her division.

How did it feel to win? How did you celebrate?
“It felt amazing to win my division. I have been training a lot, sometimes missing out on things with friends or family to get the training in. During the week I am putting a full day of work in and then heading to the gym on average for 2 hours before heading home, so my weekdays tend to extremely busy and sometimes exhausting, so it was great to see it all pay off. To celebrate I went to a nice dinner with a girlfriend of  mine and then met up with the other competitors from my gym afterwards and on Sunday the biggest celebration was sleeping in! It felt amazing!”

How do the lessons you learn from Crossfit translate to your daily life and career?
“Crossfit has taught me a lot, mostly to always believe in myself and not let anything stop me. It pushes me to be my best which translates into everything. I have a new found confidence and I am not afraid to go after whatever I want to achieve – even if it is new and something I have never done before, which I think translated into my career as well. I am not afraid to talk to a new person, or bid on a program that may look intimidating. It also has showed me how to have true dedication to something as well as taught me overall to break through barriers and to have no limits on what I can do.”

Lindsay White Wins National Songwriting Contest
kerrvilleDirector of Marketing Lindsay recently traveled to Kerrville, Texas with her music duo The Lovebirds to compete in Kerrville Folk Festival’s New Folk Songwriting Contest. Out of 800 entries, 32 finalists were chosen to compete and 6 winning acts were selected. Lindsay’s songs “Boat Train” and “Crimson Love” were picked as winners. Past finalists of this prestigious competition include names like Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett and more.

How did it feel to win?
I know award selections can be fickle, but I must say it was definitely validating as a songwriter to be able to share this honor with so many successful songwriters from year’s past. Even though songwriting is just as much a full time job as my position with The Event Team, sometimes people refer to it as a hobby. This made me feel like a professional musician on a national level, and it motivated me to work even harder.

How do you apply this award to your career with The Event Team?
Whether I’m at the office or on stage, I tackle projects with the same ambition. Being a working songwriter/performer is all about being creative, personable, proactive, and finding ways to stand out above the competition. Marketing for a corporate event planning company requires the exact same skill set. I’m so lucky and grateful to be able to hone these skills in unique ways…I think it gives The Event Team a competitive edge.

Romy Linde & Jenn Dotson Win Bid for Orange County Program
Fotor0619115615The Event Team’s winning attitude carries over into the office too! Director of Sales Romy and Operations Manager Jenn recently worked together on a big piece of business for this year in Orange County. The client already had an idea for their corporate event decor theme and they wanted a DMC partner to carry out their vision. We asked Jenn for her thoughts on the winning proposal:

How did you prepare for this proposal? Why do you think the client picked The Event Team over the competition?
“Going in, we knew we were competing with another destination management company, so we made sure that when we visited their office, we walked away with a clear insight of what they were looking for. I believe we were chosen because we listened to the needs of the group and based our proposal on them accordingly.”

What can the client expect now that they’ve selected The Event Team?
From this point on, our focus is going to be on delivering the best event this organization has ever put together so that we can secure future business. We plan to continue to listen to our client’s needs and put our best foot forward so they are confident we are just as committed now as we were when trying to earn the business.”

Man, we could get used to all this winning! We can’t think of a better way to close out this blog than a video of Emma Stone doing a little winning of her own. Enjoy!