April: Month of Paige – Part 2

We are still celebrating the “Month of Paige” this April! As usual, we interviewed the rest of the team to get their perspective on our VP of Operations! Here are their thoughts:

“In the 20 plus years of The Event Team I have only had 3 Vice Presidents of Operations. Each VP had different strengths… Organization, Working with Clients, Working with Vendors, Paper Work, Finances, etc.. Only Paige has been able to master all of them, run the HR department and operate more programs than any of her staff. It is a great advantage to have someone who can tell you at a moment’s notice if a program is under or over budget while the program is still running. Paige’s ability to handle an incredible work load and be a loving Mom to Natalie is amazing.”
Matt Robbins, President

“Paige Weeber – renaissance woman!  Knowledgeable, creative, tenacious and extraordinarily well-organized – Paige is the consummate event planner!”
Dick Burson, National Sales Manager

“Paige is totally the modern women – juggling family and career – while always so fashionable.”
Danny Fisk, General Manager

“Paige has been a true mentor to me since we have been working together. I look forward to continuing to learn from her.”
Jennifer Dotson, Operations Manager

“Paige is great at handling all of the different roles she is thrown into. As my supervisor she is great at coaching without micro-managing and is always willing to answer questions. She handles the stress of large events flawlessly. I’m happy to be learning the business from her!”
Jessica Ingalls, Operations Assistant

“Paige is always thinking critically about the programs she handles. She sees what many others don’t and asks the questions essential to pulling off the events we plan. I appreciate her drive and dedication!”
Rachel Horgan, Sales Assistant

“Paige is awesome at her job and helps the operations department run very smoothly, which gives the sales department a great reassurance that clients are in great hands when programs are transitioned over to her team.”
Lindsay White, Director of Sales & Marketing

Our clients also speak very highly of Paige:
“We could not wrap up the year without expressing our appreciation for your outstanding efforts on behalf of our 94th Annual Meeting. By all measures, the meeting was a success due in no small part to your contributions. Your creativity, enthusiasm and attention to detail certainly are unique and set your company apart from the competition. Our special events were spectacular, and we had rave reviews from all who participated.”
Colleen Donohoe, AAOMS