August: Month of Bill – Part 1

We can’t believe it’s already August! We’ve dedicated this month to Bill Yahres, our VP of Sales and Marketing. Learn more about Bill below!

WEBSITE-BillHow would you describe a day in the life of Bill (at work?)
With so many unique personalities and backgrounds in the office, there is never a dull day. I thoroughly enjoy my Event Team colleagues on a daily basis, and consider everyone here my friends.

You have been with the company since its beginning. How have you seen it transform over the years? Where do see the company ten years from now?
The evolution of technology over the years has certainly been the most impactful in our company transformation. We’ve always been fortunate vetting amazing talent over the years, and I do believe the team we have now has never been more dynamic and skillful.  However, the tools we have now compared to the early nineties has taken our company and industry to an all new level. With increasing demand in service transparency, and the availability of information over the internet, I think we have to increase our discussion with clients, and educate them on the essential role a DMC plays in our industry. I also believe that strengthening relationships will always be key, especially ten years from now and beyond.

You are the practical joker in the office – what is one of the best pranks you’ve ever pulled?
Hmmm, there have been many.  My favorite might be an April Fools stunt involving our former partner/owner Holly Young, her office chair, and a packet of soy sauce. That’s all I’m saying.

In 2012 you secured some of the biggest programs The Event Team has ever seen. Why do you think it’s so important for meeting planners to get DMCs like The Event Team involved in the planning of these events?
Partnering with an exceptional DMC like The Event Team, gives a planner the best chance for success by relying on their knowledge, buying power and expertise to execute all meeting ground services. Relying on a competent and experienced DMC will always provide the highest rate of success, and the lowest level of risk to any meeting or conference.

How would you describe a day in the life of Bill (at home)? Any special hobbies/interests?
My favorite hobby is tennis, and you can find me on the court 3-5 times a week. I am not a very idle person by nature, and am usually “on the go.” Growing up in New York, I never take our amazing climate for granted, and really do my best to continuously discover new things in San Diego, or just simply enjoy my favorite activities like Balboa Park, the beach and of course Padres games!

What is one of the best things about working for The Event Team? What is one of the best things about working in this industry in general?
As we’ve grown over the years in both market share and company size, we’ve always managed to maintain a “small company” environment. Our general business model has always been to hire for personality over skills, trusting that the talent will develop over time.  By empowering our employees to independently complete assignments and tasks within their role, it not only brings the best out in our people, but also helps to maintain a family atmosphere which I really enjoy. My favorite thing about our industry is the fact that every day is a new challenge and experience.

Describe a shining moment and/or highlight a memorable event you played a key role in.
The development and execution of our largest Gaslamp Block Party last year was certain a highlight for me. Through due diligence, planning and a great team behind me, we created a highly successful event utilizing seven city blocks, dozens of restaurants and retail shops, all packed with entertainment, activities, and delicious food & beverage. Our team ROCKS!