BizBash in a Flash

I can’t help but do a little happy dance every time I look in my inbox and discover a bright, shiny new edition of BizBash. This industry magazine is tops when it comes to inspiring creativity and providing engaging tips for all kinds of events. Just in case you didn’t get a chance to thumb through the latest issue, here’s a quick list of some of my dog-earred pages.

Swanky Snow Cones (p. 62):
Interactive desert stations are always a hit! We’ve seen everything from mimosa bars to cinnamon roll stations, but we really love the idea of fancy Snow Cones for a upscale summer affair. These would be a perfect match for our casual, yet sophisticated Southern California events!
snow-cones-380Moonlight Paddleboarding (p. 72):
Everyone just went nuts for the blood red moon earlier this week, but there’s something magical about the moon, even on a non-eclipse night. We are excited to be able to offer a night-time standup paddleboard tour to our San Diego groups looking for outside-the-box activity options. The paddleboards are illuminated by LED lights, making for an unforgettable moonlit experience. Afterward, guests can cozy up by an outdoor firepit for a nightcap of s’mores and hot chocolate. Another perfect SoCal summer option!
LARGE_capture2A.V. Awareness (p. 82):
Events can suffer without proper knowledge of A.V. requirements/costs/accessibility. One of the biggest lessons in this article is “Don’t assume power is included.” Some venues only offer minimum access to power and charge additional fees to add on. This is where hiring a destination management company like The Event Team comes in handy. We can act as a liaison (read: translator) when it comes to talking tech and ensure that everyone is on the same page and within budget.
20130515A_006Sugar Factory Hollywood (p. 100):
This new location in the famous chain candy boutique also features a sweet private space on the building’s third level, as well as a patio overlooking Hollywood Boulevard. Take that, Willy Wonka!
sugar_factory_logoUrban Scrawl (p. 123):
BizBash’s coverage of Las Vegas’s “Life Is Beautiful Festival” featured a massive scrawling wall where guests could feel free to come up and make their mark. We love incorporating interactive art pieces to special events, especially when they have a positive overarching message. Here’s a similar piece located in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood.
hillcrest03Hue are You? (p. 166):
We love decor because it is what makes the event “speak” to guests. Color plays into event decor in a huge way because it instantly conveys specific emotions and ignites specific reactions amongst attendees. This article gives some great tips on picking a palette. For instance:
-RED conveys “passion, love, power, excitement, strength, anger, intensity”
-ORANGE conveys “fun, warmth, confidence, flamboyance, friendliness”
-YELLOW conveys “hopefulness, cheer, optimism, energy, positivity”
-GREEN conveys “nature, health, renewal, growth, healing, harmony”
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