Celebrating Summer, SoCal Style!

Saturday marks the first official day of summer, so we thought we’d celebrate by asking the team to share their thoughts on San Diego’s favorite (and pretty much only) season!

What is your favorite thing about summer and why?
“The long days – love being able to enjoy the sunshine that much more. I always feel more productive with a longer day!”
Danny Fisk, GM Los Angeles

“The weather, obviously, and the time change. (Gotta love that it’s light until 8pm). I love being outside; at the beach, swimming, BBQ’s, enjoying all the summer events in San Diego (SD Fair, Races, Polo, Beer Festivals, venue openings, etc, etc. There’s SO many! I could go on forever!!!)”
Katie Bowen, Design & Sales Coordinator

“I love the long days because I feel more awake and ambitious to accomplish even the smallest of tasks.”
Jennifer Dotson, Operations Manager

“Summer leaves no excuses to get outside, detach yourself from technology and enjoy the mountains, waves, beaches, deserts, and general nature surrounding us in beautiful Southern California.”
Dan Bolen, Operations Manager

“My favorite thing about summer is being able to explore all the hiking trials in California that actually lead to waterfalls and places to go cliff jumping. My favorite so far has been Malibu Creek State Park – it has a great cliff jumping area!”
Laura Stomber, Sales Manager
MalibuCaveJumping“Fresh fruit . . . sounds odd, huh!?  Nectarines come to mind . . . then watermelon.  But my bell-ringer is strawberry shortcake.  My Mom made a flakey pie crust, then layered it with smooshed berries. Some half ‘n half and a sprinkle of sugar . . . it’s sublime!”
Dick Burson, National Sales Manager

“My favorite thing about summer is the way everything slows down. Saturdays are reserved for the beach. Sundays become less productive and more tipsy from mimosas at brunch on some roof with your girlfriends.”
Rachel Horgan, Sales Manager
beach“My favorite thing about summer is spending time at the beach with my family. We get there early, pack a lunch and stay all day, just splashing in the water, building sand castles and catching the rays. I especially look forward to my annual beach day with my best friend that I’ve known since we were 2 years old! Always a special time we share together.”
Paige Weeber, VP of Operations
UntitledWhat is your favorite SoCal summer hangout or venue?
“Coronado Beach, a concert under the stars at Humphrey’s by the Bay, or any tennis court!”
Bill Yahres, VP of Sales & Marketing
471844_10151464239870013_1220554853_o“Although Draft at Belmont Park just opened, I have a feeling it’ll become a pretty regular summer hangout . Draft has a cool warehouse look and feel but the huge windows that open out to the boardwalk still give it a beachy vibe. When I’m in the mood for a cold summer brew by the beach, why wouldn’t I go to a place with 69 beers on tap and 30+ bottles to choose from?”

Jackie Fennelly, Executive Assistant
draft“Every summer you can find me out in about in my neighborhood – Hillcrest has so many fun options for shopping, eating, dancing and more – all within walking distance of my house. My favorites are Buffalo Exchange, Landmark Theatre, Filter Coffeeshop and
Gossip Grill.”
Lindsay White, Director of Marketing