Danny Fisk Selected as Full Time Employee of the Quarter

The Event Team is excited to announce our Full Time Employee of the 2nd Quarter, Los Angeles General Manager Danny Fisk. Danny came aboard in 2012 during our rapid expansion in Los Angeles. The Event Team was looking to find a self-sufficient, hardworking, trustworthy candidate who could take the reins of our Los Angeles office and continue to grow our business in that region. We found all those things and more in Danny. Now leading an excellent team that is tenacious on both the sales and operations side, Danny and the Los Angeles office were responsible for 40% of The Event Team’s total business for 2013.

Danny was honored to receive the recognition and shared his thoughts on working with The Event Team: “I love getting to work in the Hospitality industry for the mere fact that I get to make dreams a reality for so many of our clients. I adore the team I work with at TET and love how I feel like a family member not just an employee.”

bubblesHere’s what the rest of The Event Team family had to say about Danny!

“Danny is the unsung hero of The Event Team. He has quietly built the Los Angeles office into a formidable force, putting together a great team that clients, hoteliers, vendors and staff respect. His team has an incredible record of always meeting the client’s needs. He truly is Mr. LA!
Matt Robbins, President

“I am so proud of how hard Danny works to represent The Event Team brand in Los Angeles. He is organized, efficient, and demonstrates great leadership while still remaining a team player. We are so lucky to have him on the team and we all feel confident with the L.A. office in his hands.”
Lindsay White, Director of Marketing

“Danny is a machine. He does a thousand things at once with a smile on his face, and in turn puts a smile on everyone else’s. He’s an inspiration to everyone at The Event Team.”
Jackie Fennelly, Executive Assistant

“Danny is an inspiration to us all. Very hardworking and eager to help out with ideas and advice.”
Jennifer Dotson, Operations Assistant

“Danny has taken the LA office by storm since day 1.  He has managed to wow clients time after time and I am so proud to have him on this team.  I look forward to more amazing programs, ideas and creativity that Danny will produce- sky is the limit!”
Romy Linde, Director of Sales

“Danny is driven and passionate about his job which makes this award no surprise. He is constantly finding ways to improve TET as a whole and pushes his LA team to better each day.”
Rachel Horgan, Sales Manager

“Danny Fisk – Mr. Los Angeles!  Native and life-long resident, Danny knows LA like no one else.  Hotels, night-spots, cutting edge restaurants, the best way to get from A-Z . . . Danny does it all.  Add to this his management acumen and that he’s a customer service master and you realize that we’re blessed with the perfect GM!
Dick Burson, National Sales Manager

“Danny is a wonderful person to work with. His charisma shines through even under the toughest of circumstances. Not a day goes by that I don’t laugh or smile with him in the office. He truly deserves to be employee of the quarter!”
Laura Stomber, Sales Manager

To learn more about Danny and the rest of the gang, visit our Meet the Team page! And don’t forget to check our blog often for all the latest updates from The Event Team.