December: Month of Jennifer – Part 1

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday…Holiday Shopping season is upon us, so we couldn’t think of a better month to feature The Event Team’s savviest shopper and Operations Manager, Jennifer Dotson. Jenn joined The Event Team about a year ago, and since settling in, she’s been smart and professional with clients and sassy and sweet in the office – we love having her on board! Read on to learn more…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou joined The Event Team with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. Give us a background of some of your prior jobs and how they’ve helped prepare you for your current position as Operations Manager here.
There is not a “side” of this industry I have not worked on, which has helped me get to where I am today. I started out in the hotel industry as a Catering and Convention Services Manager, which was purely a means to an end. I knew I wanted to be on the planner side of the business and that just seemed like the best way to gain experience. While working for Hyatt, I was recruited by one of my clients and joined their team as a meeting and trade show planner. After that I was on my way, and following a few stops as a 3rd party event manager and a trade show specialist, found my way to The Event Team.

What are a couple of your best memories so far with the company, either at work or at play?
As soon as I started with The Event Team, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend our company retreat in Las Vegas. This was the perfect opportunity for me to bond with the rest of the team and get to know everyone outside the confines of the workplace.

What’s your favorite event you’ve Operated thus far and why?
What can really make the difference between loving a program and simply operating a program is who the client is. I would have to say I enjoyed working with ACDI because their planner was an absolute dream client. Not only was she easy to work with, but she truly valued and appreciated what we were contributing to her event. As far as the events themselves, they varied from city tours, to dinner at the zoo to a harbor dinner cruise, making the planning part fun and diverse.

You returned to San Diego after living in Chicago. What do you miss about the windy city?
I miss not having to drive everywhere. I miss that $10 could get you a cab ride to almost anywhere in the city. I miss being able to wear coats and boots and not feel silly because it is only 60 degrees. I miss being able to have any kind of food delivered to your house in under 45 minutes with no delivery minimum or fee.

What is your favorite thing about San Diego in general? How about your favorite venue for events?
I used to live in San Diego about 15 years ago so I would say my favorite thing is feeling like I have come home. I have lived in 5 states and 9 cities so it is nice to be back in a place so familiar to me. I am also much closer to my family now that I am back in Southern California. As far as my favorite venue for events, I would have to say The San Diego Zoo. I love all of the animal presentations, (except for the snakes)and the attendees really seem to enjoy the interaction with the animals.

What are some of your interests/hobbies outside work (besides plotting to marry Adam Levine J)
While thinking of ways to thwart the upcoming nuptials between Adam Levine and his Victoria’s Secret model fiancée does take up most of my time, I do manage to get out every now and again. I’m a movie buff so you can always catch me at AMC Fashion Valley followed by a stroll through my place of worship, Bloomingdales. I always enjoy a mimosa or two with friends for Sunday Brunch or perhaps a couple of beers after work with my TET co-workers.