December: Month of Jennifer – Part 2

Operations Manager Jennifer Dotson has been at The Event Team only a year, but she’s already made an impression. You heard what she had to say about her position a couple weeks ago- now listen to thoughts from Jenn’s co-workers!

_DSC5541“It’s hard to believe that Jennifer has been a part of The Event Team for only one year. She jumped into her position as Operations Manager with two feet and has been charming our clients ever since. I knew her background would make for an easy transition into operations, and since she used to be a client of The Event Team too, she always looks at things from both sides. I’ve known Jennifer for over 15 years and it is nice to see her grow in this side of the industry. She is very dedicated to her programs and clients and is a great addition to The Event Team. She is always willing to learn something new, take on more responsibility and work the last minute groups with a smile.”
Paige Weeber, VP of Operations

“Jenn has an eye for details and laugh of joy that makes her events a notch above the rest!”
Danny Fisk, General Manager L.A. Office

1010920_10151682198225428_1743369769_n“Competent, exacting and task oriented, Jenn’s a great complement to the TET Team. Her hotel and logistics background has added tangible depth to our Operations Department and the company as a whole. A standout plus – she manages programs large and small with equal skill.”
Dick Burson, National Sales Manager

“Jenn has done an excellent job with making sure our clients are well taken care of and happy. We have received various positive letters from our clients about Jenn and we are happy to have her as part of the team!”
Romy Linde, Director of Sales

“I love having Jenn in our operations department, and appreciate her background as a meeting planner. Jenn is always up for a laugh, and fits right in with the our office-wide sense of humor.”
Bill Yahres, VP of Sales & Marketing

“Jenn has rounded into a great Operations Manager for The Event Team. Her attention to detail and her ability to convey confidence to our clients makes her a valuable part of our team. She has a great sense of humor and has added greatly to the office environment. I truly hope she is able to marry Adam Levine.”
Matt Robbins, President

644305_10200539236390685_719122140_n“Jenn and I have become really close in the short time we’ve known each other. It’s always nice to see her smiling face in the morning, and enjoying our occasional glass of wine after work isn’t so bad either. Love having her around!”
Jackie Fennelly, Executive Assistant

“I’m so thankful to get to work with Jenn every day.  We share an office and a smilar sense of humor which makes the days go by much more quickly. She is an asset to the team and a great person to turn to for advice.”
Jessica Ingalls, Operations Manager

“I can always count on Jenn to rehash all the drama with me from Pretty Little Liars the next morning and discuss our theories. Professionally, she is all over the details of programs she works on, and we’re lucky to have her aboard the crazy Event Team train.”
Rachel Horgan, Sales Manager

“Jenn exudes confidence when it comes to her work, and that characteristic results in happy clients time after time. I enjoy her sense of humor and look forward to watching her grow even more in the company.”
Lindsay White, Director of Marketing