Event Spotlight: Summer Beach Party Checklist

It’s a Saturday afternoon, the sun is out, and you’re hitting the beach with your buddies. Before you head out the door, you run through a mental checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need for a perfect summer day stretched out on the sand. Towel? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Snacks? Check. Water? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Headphones? Check. That book you can’t seem to finish? Check.

At The Event Team DMC, we also have a checklist for beach days, only our beach days usually involve hundreds of people. The premise is the same: we want to make sure our clients and guests have everything they need to be entertained, fed, comfortable, and happy. Scroll down to read our Summer Beach Party Checklist!


Reserving a private area on a beach is the very first (and most challenging) step. If you want alcohol to be served, expect to jump through a few more hoops. Lucky for our clients, The Event Team absorbs the responsibility of securing permits as part of our destination management duties. Timing is another factor that demands attention. When does the sun go down? When does the tide come up? One of our recent San Diego beach parties was moved from Torrey Pines State Beach to Ponto Beach due to tide schedules. Corporate event planners are great at troubleshooting, but it’s a general rule of thumb in our industry not to mess with Mother Nature.

The Event Team Ponto Beach


You’re basically throwing a party in a postcard, so there’s no need to go over the top with decor. However, a simple decor package can help shape the mood or theme of your event. Keep it traditional and casual with beach ball centerpieces, surf-board-shaped belly bars, brightly colored linens and folding beach chairs.

The Event Team Decor - Beach Ball Centerpieces

The Event Team Decor - Beach Party Surf Belly Bar

The Event Team Decor - Beach Party Chairs

You can also plan your decor according to other beach-appropriate themes. Here’s a glimpse at a “Shipwrecked” party we organized at Huntington State Beach. Need ideas for themes? Our design team can provide you with a range of creative decor concepts and style sheets!

The Event Team Decor - Pirate Theme Party

The Event Team Decor - Pirate Treasure Centerpiece

Food and Beverage

Our biggest advice is to make sure hot food stays hot, cold food stays cold, and all food steers clear of sand and seagulls. As we mentioned previously, permitting/licensing for alcohol can be tricky, so make sure to tackle that element early in the planning stages. Upgraded F&B elements like s’mores kits, local craft beer-tasting, and even food trucks are always a crowd favorite.

The Event Team - Beach Party Catering

The Event Team - Beach Party Food Truck


Sky’s the limit when it comes to fun and games! The Event Team provides popular beach activities like volleyball, ladder golf, horseshoes, cornhole, etc.

The Event Team - Beach Party Games

The Event Team - Beach Party Horseshoes

For themed events, we can include additional entertainment enhancements. The aforementioned family-friendly “Shipwrecked” beach party incorporated games as well as a Jack Sparrow impersonator and an exotic bird presentation.

The Event Team - Pirate Party Jack Sparrow

The Event Team - Animal Presentation

The Event Team can also organize a small scale or full-fledged teambuilding events to accompany your catered beach affair. Options include drum circles, Navy SEAL Bootcamp, Corporate Castaways, You-Build-It Boats, Super Olympics, and more.

The Event Team - Beach Olympics Teambuilding

Lastly, don’t forget the tunes! We all love the sound of crashing waves, but The Event Team offers many musical accompaniments, ranging from solo DJs to Jack Johnson-style acoustic acts to full beach bands or Polynesian performance troupes.


Waste management. Generators. Supplemental Lighting. Comfortable transportation. Portable restrooms. Tenting. While these elements may not be as flashy or exciting as decor and entertainment, they are crucial to attendee experience and event success.

The Event Team Beach Party - Portable Restrooms

The Event Team - Beach Party Tenting

Need More Info?

It’s not too late to squeeze in a SoCal beach bash this year. The Event Team will help you cover everything on the above checklist and then some! Contact us and mention the code BEACHBALL to receive a discounted quote on a beach party for 100 or more guests!