February: Month of Jackie – Part 1

Our “Month of” project continues on, and this month’s honoree is Jackie Fennelly, Executive Assistant. We think Jackie has somehow found a way to clone herself, because she has miraculously made herself available to support the Sales, Marketing, and Operations department while simultaneously managing several general office tasks. We sat down with Jackie to see if we could find a method to her madness:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou started with The Event Team as an intern. What piqued your interest about Destination Management, and what are some things you’ve learned so far about the Hospitality Industry?
I’ve always had an interest in event planning, I mean, how could planning parties be so bad? When I saw there was an opening for an internship at The Event Team I knew I had to try my luck. My experience as an Intern is what really developed my understanding of what Destination Management actually is, and how corporate events work. Of course there is a lot of hard work involved, and there are many pieces to every puzzle, but the best part is getting to be creative on a daily basis. Working in the Hospitality Industry is extremely rewarding. When your goal is to make someone happy by producing an awesome event, AND you get to have fun and meet new people in the process, it’s pretty hard to complain.

How would you describe a day in the life of Jackie (at work?)
A day in the life… It’s everchanging. At the end of the day, my job is to make everyone else’s lives a little easier. Sometimes the need is in Sales, sometimes in Operations, and other times in Marketing. Prioritizing is key, and every day is a learning process, but it’s been a true opportunity to see how each department works and to be a part of it all.

We like to say you are a Jackie-of-all-trades because you support so many departments…what are your favorite parts about sales, operations and marketing?
Sales: The social/creative aspect. I love that’s it requires confidence and a go-getter attitude, and in this industry, it requires keeping up on what’s new, where to go, what to do, etc. It’s fun and it gives me a great excuse to go out and check things out for myself.

Operations: The on-site experience. While in Sales you’re coming up with ideas and being a part of the planning process, in Operations you actually see the event come to life. The transformation process is pretty remarkable.

Marketing: The strategy. We’re always trying to come up with new ways to build our brand, and it requires a lot of teamwork and brainstorming. We have a really creative team and everyone brings something different to the table, from themed holiday cards to mixers, it’s always exciting to see what comes next.

What’s life like outside of work? Hobbies/interests?
I’m a very social person, so any chance I have to spend time with friends that’s usually what I do. Lately I’ve been trying to check out as many new and upcoming restaurants/bars in San Diego as possible, there are a ton! Being from Northern California, it’s a great way to get out and explore different parts of San Diego.

What is one of the best things about working for The Event Team? What is one of the best things about working in this industry in general?
To keep it short and sweet, the best thing about working for The Event Team is the people. We all have very different personalities, but it just works. We have so much fun together and have all become pretty close. Looking forward to seeing everyone I work with each day is really special, and I know how lucky I am.

One of the best things about working in this industry is the social aspect. There are so many networking opportunities, you’re bound to meet a new friend or four!

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