February: Month of Rachelle – Part 2

Continuing our celebration of the “Month of Rachelle,” we asked a few members of The Event Team to share their thoughts on our Operations Manager extraordinaire:

“Very rarely do you hire someone who says she wants to learn all she can so that in a couple of years she can open up her own company. We did with Rachelle and we don’t regret it.  Rachelle is a detail oriented person with an amazing ability to take ownership of a program. She is fearless and not afraid to take on any challenge.  (Please tell her to stick around for at least 10 more years!)”
Matt Robbins, President

“I adore Rachelle for her courage and spunk – always dancing to her own beat!”
Danny Fisk, General Manager

“Rachelle is an amazing multi-tasker. She manages to get through everything in her busy schedule while still helping others in the office and keeping a smile on her face. It’s a fantastic asset and makes her an integral part of the team.”
Jessica Ingalls, Operations Assistant

“I love that Rachelle incorporates her contagious smile, sense of humor and fun-loving personality into her position at The Event Team. It’s been great to see her move up in the company with such poise and confidence.”
Lindsay White, Director of Sales and Marketing

“Rachelle has been a great mentor since I have been with The Event Team. She is always available to answer my questions and explain procedures.”
Jennifer Dotson, Operations Manager

“Rachelle is so full of life, and I admire her passion! She is a quick learner and not afraid to do anything!”
Romy Linde, Senior Sales Manager

“Rachelle is amazing at how she tackles a project – she really thinks the entire thing through before jumping into it – which allows her to be proactive instead of reactive.  This is a quality in her that I need to practice using more often.”
Paige Weeber, VP Operations

“A California lady with Midwestern values!  Rachelle is our Minnesnowta connection.  On one of her trips to the heartland she brought  back some home grown cheese for me . . . what a treat!  Glad to have her on the team.”
Dick Burson, National Sales Manager

“Rachelle has grown so quickly into one of our top Operations Managers, and nobody runs a more efficient and enthusiastic program than her. She is our resident “Dancing Queen” and always lights up the room with her fun personality!”
Bill Yahres, VP Sales & Marketing

A recent client also sings Rachelle’s praises!
“Thank you for all your help in organizing all of this on behalf of Paradise Point and making the evening such a success for Accela. Rachelle and her team were extremely courteous, outgoing and organized!”
Taline Tabakian, Mosaic Event Management, Inc.

Here are some fun shots of Rachelle living life to the fullest!