General Manager Geraldine Caedo Earns DMCP Certification

What an appropriate week to give props to our Los Angeles General Manager Geraldine Caedo, who recently passed her DMCP certification exam, and who more recently (yesterday) celebrated her birthday!

What is a DMCP?

According to the Association of Destination Management Executives, “Destination Management professionals who earn their Destination Management Certified Professional (DMCP) designation demonstrate the highest level of knowledge and commitment to the destination management profession. To earn the DMCP designation, an individual must have years of experience in the field, active involvement in continuing education programs and have passed an exam that covers the body of knowledge of all aspects of destination management.”

The Process

We caught up with Geraldine this week and asked her to explain more about the exam.


Why did you want to pursue your DMCP certification?
GC: I have always believed in continuing education. Becoming a DMCP was the most logical step in advancing my professional growth. It was also a great opportunity to gain mastery of best practices in our field.

Studying for the vigorous DMCP exam requires a lot of prep/study time. What was one of the most challenging things about it?
GC: In order to qualify to sit for the DMCP exam, one has to have a certain amount of applicable experience. In preparing for the exam, I quickly realized that my many years of experience actually created some challenges. So much of what we do is problem-solving which is counter-intuitive to the curriculum. Instead of thinking in terms of the best solution, my mind is trained to consider all possible solutions. Since there was only 1 correct answer to each question, I had to consciously not overthink, which is very difficult for me.

Did you learn anything new or interesting about the industry as you prepared for the test?
GC: It is important to examine how DMCs came to be, how they have evolved over time, and how they continue to evolve in order to stay competitive and relevant.

Growth is a running theme in your role as Los Angeles General Manager. In addition to taking steps toward your own professional growth, you’ve worked tirelessly toward growing your team all while keeping up with the city’s boom in business travel. In what ways do you anticipate the Los Angeles meeting and events industry changing in the coming years, and how do you plan on adapting to those changes at The Event Team?
GC: It is such an exciting time to live and work in Los Angeles right now, especially for the meeting and events community. From the return of the NFL to the pursuit of the 2024 Summer Olympic Games to the countless hotels and multi-use spaces being developed throughout the city, you can literally see our city growing in order to accommodate being one of the world’s top destinations. It’s imperative for us to keep pace with that growth by not just knowing the new and interesting offerings around town, but also by maintaining an awareness of the client experience and staying true to our commitment of personal and individualized service.

The Praises

At The Event Team, we’re so excited to boast another DMCP certification on staff! (This makes 4 and counting.) Geraldine’s colleagues are always quick to sing her praises:

“I was very impressed when Geraldine asked me if she could go for her DMCP certificate. I had been in the industry over 25 years when I took the test and it was still not easy to pass. To her credit she stuck with it and took the test with a very short time to prepare. She passed with flying colors and I am very  proud of her.”
Matt Robbins, President

“From working long hours in the office to being available to help every department, I wasn’t sure how she was going to find time to study for the test, but the determination and dedication she showed throughout her weeks leading to the test was unreal! I am proud that she was able to add yet another accomplishment to her academic belt and passed the DMCP!”
Marcie Booth, Senior Operations Manager

“I’m so proud of how she conquered the DMCP, just like almost everything else she sets out to do. I love that her door is always open and appreciate the fact that she’s as willing to learn as she is to teach. Her leadership is the heartbeat of the L.A. office and I’m grateful to work with her.”
Jameela Jackson, National Sales Manager

“Geraldine’s an awesome leader of the L.A. office; I don’ know what we would do without her!”
John-Carlo Boyle, Sales Assistant

“Behind every successful team is a boss that always seems to know everything. So it wasn’t surprising when Geraldine passed her DMCP exam (with flying colors, no doubt)! Leadership isn’t a skill, it’s a talent and Geraldine is extremely talented!”
Aimee Nobleza, Operations Assistant

Need More Info?

When searching for corporate event planning services, it’s very important to select an organization that is accredited by ADME and that maintains the required amount of DMCP certifications among full time staff members. Geraldine’s DMCP achievement is not only a feather in the cap of her continuing education and The Event Team’s arsenal of “Super People” moments, it is a way of letting you know that your corporate events are in the most qualified and capable hands. If you’d like Geraldine and her team to work with you on your next Los Angeles event planning needs, please send us your RFP today! From corporate event entertainment to decor, tours, transportation, and teambuilding, The Event Team does it all!


G is for GREAT job Geraldine!

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