Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

We’d like to take some time on this important day to recognize The Event Team’s fabulous Administrative Professionals, Executive Assistant Jackie Fennelly and Design & Sales Coordinator Katie Bowen.

DSC_0100Both Katie and Jackie have been instrumental in keeping our office running smoothly in addition to accomplishing their own important daily responsibilities. Every significant document in this office passes through their hands in one way or the other, and we know we can always count on them to keep our ducks in a row. It’s no easy feat to constantly attend to the requests/needs of multiple supervisors on multiple deadlines in multiple departments, but Katie and Jackie both show up every day with a smile on their face and a commitment to helping make The Event Team a better company. Katie does so with her attention to detail and eye for creativity, while Jackie does so with her ambitious attitude and team spirit. We are thrilled to have them on board, grateful for their contributions thus far, and so very excited to see them grow in the company.

Lastly, we’ll give a quick shout-out to Dan Bolen and Laura Stomber in the Los Angeles office for all their admin assistance prior to their promotions as Operations and Sales Managers, respectively! We are thankful for your efforts as well – it’s very impressive to see how our LA team has expanded over the last several years, and that success has everything to do with both of you!

As a fun way to celebrate, we created a fun tongue-in-cheek playlist in honor of the Administrative Professionals we know and love as a way of saying thanks for tolerating us. We appreciate you!