Site Inspection Perfection

We all know how important site inspections are.  It’s your best chance to make a connection and win business.  Some of our sales managers attended a SDCVB meeting last week and brought home these savvy tips.  The main point is to stop talking about how great the weather is and get to the good stuff.  Your clients will thank you!

1. Understand and demonstrate knowledge of your client’s program. Do your homework on their past programs and how your hotel/venue might be similar to ones they’ve used prior.

2. Own the account and the client during the entire RFP process.  Take an interest to know some personal background information on the client prior to their visit.

3. Greet client at main entrance with smile and energy.

4. Upon arrival, review program with client for changes and/or additions and review the site flow.

5. When introducing upper Management, be sure they have a purpose and are relevant to the site process. Make introductions in a setting which is peaceful and away from other guests.

6. Use the client’s name and refer to the meeting name whenever possible during the site.

7. Conduct the Site as their attendees would experience the property, from lobby to guest rooms, to meeting space.

8.  Personalize the site experience to the client and the conference (welcome gobo, themed break to reflect the name of the conference, etc.)

9. If you are not able to show proposed meeting rooms/venues, have pictures and diagrams available to show the client that their meeting specs requested work in the rooms which are not seen durin g the site.

10. Benefit sell your property/venue.  What makes your property different from others they might be seeing? Great time for story-selling how your hotel/venue has ensured other similar programs exceed expectations of the planner and the attendees.