It’s All Hood- Los Angeles Edition

In order to achieve total customer satisfaction in our host cities, we have to do our homework.  Everything is constantly changing, and we have to be aware of those changes immediately. The Event Team takes that last part of our name seriously- and like any good team, we have scouts!
This scouting report focuses on Los Angeles.  Last week, we spent two full days “researching” the City of Angels.  And by “researching”, we mean “having a blast.”  We sited nearly 30 spaces all over the city, and the biggest take-away was experiencing the vastly different characteristics and personalities of each neighborhood.  Allow us to share just a few of our favorites:


Beverly Hills: Put on your fancy pants and get ready to spend.  This small neighborhood is 6 square miles of ka-ching. While movies tend to over-glamorize LA, there are no smoke and mirrors when it comes to Beverly Hills. It is that nice. You’ll see cars as expensive as houses and houses as expensive as spaceships.  Even the air seems rich.  Surprisingly, however, the people are quite pleasant and not too snobbish.  We suppose it’s pretty easy to maintain a good mood when you’re rollin’ in the deep. If you’re the type of person who likes your dinner served with seven different forks, this is the place for you!

May we suggest? We think the ultimate Beverly Hills experience for our groups is a cocktail reception or dinner on Two Rodeo Drive.  This famous three block mock-street is home to the most expensive store in the world and is available for special VIP group functions. As for activities that won’t break your budget, how about a hike at Runyon Canyon, where you’re bound to spot a Pomeranian-walking starlet!
Two Rodeo Drive
Hollywood: It’s fast-paced, it’s urban, it’s rock n’ roll. Everyone has an agenda, but underneath that agenda is another collective community purpose: Party-and look cool doing it.  The residents are rocking the fiercest fashions and there’s a popular hotspot for every night of the week. If you own skinny jeans and 6 different pairs of black designer sunglasses, get thee to Hollywood!
May we suggest?
There is no shortage of awesome Hollywood experiences.  We would suggest a rooftop hotel event at the Andaz or the Mondrian.  Or maybe a reception & fashion show at The Colony, a new Hamptons-themed hot spot that features a seamless indoor-outdoor flow and a cozy beach house setting. If you’re more of a nature person, how about a horseback ride up to the legendary Hollywood sign?
The Colony
Santa Monica: Just a quick drive from the aforementioned neighborhoods, this LA favorite is a world away in terms of atmosphere.  Like any beach city, Santa Monica offers a much-needed breath of fresh air.  Even the most upscale restaurants in this area go without a dress code.  Residents can’t get enough Vitamin D here- outdoor dining, lounging and shopping is all the rage. If your preferred mode of transportation is a beach cruiser, we suggest going coastal in Santa Monica.
May we suggest? Daytime activities are Santa Monica’s forte.  We can offer a shopping shuttle to the newly-opened Santa Monica Place (adjacent to the very popular Third Street Promenade). Or if you want the true sand-in-your-toes experience, we can host a beachside pool party complete with yoga classes and bike rides at Annenberg Community Beach House.
Annenberg Community Beach House  

What style fits you best? Stay tuned for future editions of “It’s All Hood”!