It’s All Hood – Orange County Edition

In order to achieve total customer satisfaction in our host cities, we have to do our homework.  Everything is constantly changing, and we have to be aware of those changes immediately. The Event Team takes that last part of our name seriously- and like any good team, we have scouts!
This scouting report focuses on Orange County.  Last month, we held a quick summer retreat in this neck of the woods and sited a wide range of event spaces.  Like Los Angeles, each region of Orange County displays its own personality.  Here are just a few examples:
Laguna Beach: Ritzy meets Relaxation.  This small stretch of Southern California boasts several resort accommodations, a small but stunning art community, and 7 miles of beautiful beaches that will leave you breathless.
May we suggest? Don’t waste time indoors – enjoy all the natural beauty this neighborhood has to offer!  On land, we recommend spending a couple hours on a guided bike tour along the coastline, weaving in and out of the area’s quiet and charming residential areas.  By sea, we recommend a kayaking tour or stand-up paddleboarding lesson.  Follow up your activity with a gourmet picnic lunch at Heisler Park.  And don’t forget to check out all the wonderful art! The ultimate Laguna Beach art experience would be a summer visit to The Pageant of the Masters- This year’s event runs July 7 – August 31st.  

 Enjoying a picnic lunch at Heisler Park after our bike tour through Laguna Beach

Anaheim: The “Toon Town” of California.  The thing we love about Anaheim is it does not take itself too seriously.  Signature attractions like Disneyland and California Adventure pride themselves on playful fun, and keep clients coming back year after year to experience the “happiest place on earth”.
May we suggest? While Disney is very much rooted in tradition, there is never a lack of imagination.  Disney always finds a way to seamlessly blend the new with the old.  The Event Team offers three-course group dinners at California Adventure’s Wine Country Trattoria, followed by the spectacular “World of Color” show.  This amazing experience weaves water, color, fire and light into a kaleidoscope of fantasy and imagination. More than 1,000 jets of water form incredible shapes in time to the music as Disney characters (old and new) come to life on a shimmering veil of mist.

The World Of Color Finale (Matt’s camera)

Irvine: Inland meets Innovation. We’ll be honest, we don’t typically send groups to Irvine.  If we decide to send an Orange County group inland, our first pick is usually Anaheim.  BUT, after a visit to the up-and-coming Orange County Great Park, we are definitely taking interest in the newly established identity of this region. Deemed the First Great Metropolitan Park of the 21st Century, this landmark will be twice the size of New York City’s Central Park when complete.
May we suggest? From a DMC perspective, we are most excited that the Orange County Great Park will give us an opportunity to think big.  Since the park sits on a former Marine Corps Air Station, there is no shortage of space.  If you are a client looking for a great space for hundreds or even thousands of guests, we would suggest an event that utilizes the park’s lovely promenades, tethered helium balloon ride, and historic Hangar 244.  In the meantime, we suggest smaller groups check out one of the park’s many community events, like the weekly Farmer’s Market, Star-gazing, or free “Great Park in Motion” exercise classes.

Orange County Great Park Park Design

What style fits you best? Stay tuned for future editions of “It’s All Hood”!