January: Month of Dan – Part 2

To round out the Month of Dan, it’s time to hear what the rest of the team has to say about the L.A. office’s newest Operations Manager.

“Dan is a surprise. Never sure what he is going to say, but he is always a gentleman. He is great working on Operations and always makes me feel confident that our clients’ programs will be a success. The best part about Dan is that he is always willing to be a team player. We are very lucky to have him as part of the LA office.”
Danny Fisk, General Manager Los Angeles
“Somewhat new to the area and industry, Dan jumped right in and took on several hats in our thriving Los Angeles office without skipping a beat! He continues to impress us and our customers, and we are thrilled to have him as part of our team!”
Bill Yahres, VP of Sales & Marketing

“Dan is a great asset to the LA team – he has jumped in head first and has not looked back. I am impressed with Dan’s professionalism with clients and attention to detail on programs. I look forward to seeing where the next few years will take him!”

013797f636cb560ab896171799526d1c14d3a52fd3“Don’t let his bro tanks fool you, this East coast-born boy has wit and intelligence that allows him to easily win over both colleagues and clients alike. Professionally, he has proven himself quickly by managing small and large programs. Personally, I am glad there is someone else on the team just as competitive as I am and who has good taste in music (well not as good as mine, but close).”
Rachel Horgan, Sales Manager

“Dan is Mr. Can-do…no problem has proved too small or large. He approaches challenges with spirit and resolve. Dan’s a highly-regarded member of our team – we’re lucky to have him.”
Dick Burson, National Sales Manager

“What’s great about our company is we hire people with the full intention of getting out of their way as soon as they understand their responsibilities. Dan is a major example of the success we’ve had with this policy. We trust him to do a great job and make our clients happy, and that’s just what he does every time.”
Lindsay White, Director of Marketing

_DSC5526“Dan is great at making sure you never have a bad day. With his sarcastic remarks and witty humor, he always makes sure you are laughing and smiling.”
Laura Stomber, Account Coordinator