January: Month of Matt – Part 1

2012 was a big year for The Event Team. We gave our brand a facelift. We incorporated our new tagline: “super people. superior events.” We hired a new GM for the LA office, and added some fresh new talent in the San Diego office. We celebrated our 20th year in business. And we reached our biggest sales numbers in the history of our company!

Last year, much of our blog content focused on our destination and industry expertise via a “20th year celebration” framework. We posted Top 20 lists about our love for Southern California, and our ability to provide excellent event services within our destinations. While we will continue to highlight new venues, activities, services, etc., we will also focus much of 2013 on the “super people” aspect of our tagline. We want you to give you a behind-the-scenes glance at how we operate the company and why each employee is so vital to The Event Team’s success.

Starting from the top, we have dubbed January the “Month of Matt.” Matt Robbins started The Event Team in 1992. As President and CEO, he has grown The Event Team into one of Southern California’s leading Destination Management Companies. Using a balanced approach of laid-back professionalism, one of Matt’s greatest strengths as a business owner is knowing how to “hire good people and get out of their way.” Here are some more thoughts from Matt:

WEBSITE-MattHow would you describe a day in the life of Matt (at work)?
My days are never the same. My main duty is to make sure everything in the office is running well, including the staff. My door is always open; answering questions is my first priority along with making sure everyone has the knowledge or materials to get their job done. I also oversee all financial jobs on a daily basis (accounts payable/receivable, investments, etc.). I am the first line of defense when new clients call into the office, and I am the bottom line answer for everything related to The Event Team.

What made you want to start your own company in this industry?
I had just come off a period in my life where I was traveling constantly and getting tired of it. The Destination Management industry was what I knew best. With a detail-oriented partner, we opened The Event Team (I actually still like the name 20 years later). I wanted to have a job I really liked and to be able to mold a company with an easy-going and fun philosophy.

What is your favorite thing about working in this industry and owning this company?
My favorite part of The Event Team is definitely the people. I think we have put together an amazing group of people who work for The Event Team. I enjoy daily interactions with all of them on a business and a personal level. I also like working with our clients who are so diverse. Every program is a creative challenge to provide the best product and to meet all of our client’s goals. I love my job . It is always different and I am learning new things all the time.

Describe a shining moment and/or highlight a memorable event you played a key role in.
My most memorable achievement is hiring everyone who has worked for The Event Team (with a couple mild exceptions). The second best achievement is guiding us through the recent recession. We made it through three tough years by tightening our belts and continuing our sales efforts. It has paid off handsomely.

Check back in soon for Month of Matt – Part 2, where we will be asking the rest of the team how they feel about our fearless leader. There may or may not be a slideshow involving the evolution of his facial hair.

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