July: Month of Romy – Part 1

Around The Event Team’s San Diego office, we have all been missing Senior Sales Manager Romy Linde, who has been out on maternity leave since June. But that isn’t stopping us from singing her praises this July! Let’s learn a little about Romy and her vital position within the company!
WEBSITE-RomyHow would you describe a day in the life of Romy (at work?)
Hmm, that’s a tough one since every day is so different.  It is a lot of organized chaos- from the minute I get in to work I am juggling emails, proposals, contracts, and inner office tasks.

You are known for having an extra gear and working at lightning speed. How do you manage to do it all and remain positive?
I think I was born to do this- I definitely have the multi tasking super hero power. After doing this for 11 years, I can do it in my sleep. Remaining positive? I have learned that everything always works out in the end.  Life goes on!

Many people know you started with TET right out of college as an intern, and grew into your position as Senior Sales Manager over the last decade? What was it like to “grow up” with The Event Team?
I consider The Event Team a second family- it has been amazing to see the company grow in to what it is today. We have been through so much- from 9-11, to the economy crashing, to having the best few years in the history of the company. It has been an amazing ride – I am always learning something new. I have also met many wonderful people who have worked there- the thing with The Event Team is that once you work there, you are a lifer! There is so much love and support!

You and your husband Gavin just welcomed Mason Evan Linde into the world. How is life as a new mom?
Life is amazing- I love having a new little friend with me! I would say he’s another notch to add to my multi-tasking belt! Motherhood is a blessing and a miracle. We love Mason so much- he is our world. It has also been great to have the time off to focus on Mason.

Welcome to the world, Mason!

Welcome to the world, Mason!

Over the last ten years, you have seen The Event Team develop as a company, expand into LA, etc. Where do you see the company ten years from now?  
Good question- maybe I will be the boss one day and take over. I see us expanding even further into the LA, Orange County, Palm springs markets and opening more offices. Acquiring bigger accounts where sky is the limit!

You rock in the role of Sales Manager, Wife, Mom, Friend, and Co-worker – what do you like to do for yourself? Any special hobbies?  
Honestly I love going to my pilates classes and keeping fit. I also love being surrounded by family and friends.  I would say jetsetting/traveling is a hobby. When I get the time I also like to cook here and there.

What is one of the best things about working for The Event Team? What is one of the best things about working in this industry in general?
There are so many great things about working for The Event Team- number one being the people. We all have our strengths and weaknesses but we function so well as a team. Teamwork is really what it’s about at the end of the day. We are one happy dysfunctional family and I love it. Also, Matt is a great boss who lets us run with our creativity and talents and treats us like his own family. The best thing about working in this industry is that every day is different. We come across so many clients with varying needs, objectives, and personalities, so it is always a challenge and we are kept on our toes. We are not selling one thing- we are selling a multitude of services, and this allows us to be creative.

Describe a shining moment and/or highlight a memorable event you played a key role in:
I would say this past year would be my shining moment as it is my best year yet- I feel like I have established myself in this industry and have worked really hard to get to this point. Specifically tackling the RIMS convention (April 2013) would be a shining moment as well as landing the Choice Program (May 2013).