July: Month of Romy – Part 2

The whole team has been missing Senior Sales Manager Romy Linde since she took maternity leave in June. Everyone was more than happy to share their thoughts on Romy’s vital role with The Event Team- we can’t wait to have her back in a few months!

“This is not just the month of Romy…this is the year of Romy.She has set The Event Team record for sales in a year and now is a Mother…that is real multitasking. When Romy first started full time with this company almost 11 years ago as the Office Administrator she made it very difficult for anyone who followed her. She finished all the daily tasks in minutes and was constantly asking what else we needed done. After a little while we never needed to tell her what to do because she was doing it before we asked or before we even thought of it! My life and this company are so much better because or Romy and all I can say is Thank You!”
Matt Robbins, President

“I remember the first time I met Romy over ten years ago, when she began her tenure with The Event Team as a very young and eager intern.  When I think about how far she’s come from a fresh college graduate, to the seasoned sales professional today, it makes me so very proud.  Her skill set and confidence have grown every year, and at this point I really don’t think there’s anything left to teach her.  Our company would not be the same without Romy, and I am very lucky to call her my colleague and my friend!”
Bill Yahres, VP Sales & Marketing

“Romination is a powerhouse – juggling more than anyone I know with a smile and always looking fab. She scares me, inspires me and pushes me to want to be that much better.”
Danny Fisk, General Manager

“Romy is the perfect blend of driven and relaxed, professional and casual, focused and fun-loving. It has been awesome to watch her grow in the company and come into her own as an important part of the industry as a whole. It’s been equally fun to watch her family grow too! I am proud of all of her accomplishments!”
Lindsay White, Sales & Marketing Manager

“Her work ethic and talents are truly admirable. The fact that she started as an intern at The Event Team years ago and has come SO far is really inspiring!”
Jackie Fennelly, Sales & Marketing Assistant

“I don’t know how she gets it all done! She has an amazing work ethic and is someone to look up to.”
Katie Bowen, Executive Assistant

“Being her assistant is like riding in a speeding car (with her fav song “how much is that doggie in the window” playing on the radio). The amount of programs she works on blows my mind. Her memory is super-human. She inspires me. Sometimes I think there are more people in San Diego that know her than don’t. She has the patience of Jesus. She makes coming to work fun and I still don’t understand how she functions without coffee. Is her maternity leave over yet??”
Rachel Horgan, Sales Assistant

Romy is our office’s stabilizing force.  She’s even, fair, and is always able to balance priorities and personalities.  Her professional knowledge is peerless – her work ethic is unequaled.   We’re fortunate to have her on the ‘Team!’
Dick Burson, National Sales Manager

“The thing that amazes me most about Romy is her ability to juggle many different tasks at one time….and know where everything is on her desk!  She is always on top of her programs, makes time to meet her clients and gets proposals out faster than anyone I know. She is also the most true and genuine person I’ve ever met. The Event Team is lucky to have Romy as such an integral part of the team.”
Paige Weeber, VP of Operations

“Romy is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met.  Her desk may be a mess but she’s on top of everything she does down to the last detail! I couldn’t have chosen a better person to work with if I tried.”
Jessica Ingalls, Operations Assistant