June: Month of Dick Burson – Part 2

Last time, you heard what National Sales Manager Dick Burson had to say about his role at The Event Team. Now let’s hear from the rest of the team!

“It is an understatement and an injustice to just label Dick as gentleman and an incredibly nice guy. He is so much more than that. I am always amazed at his knowledge of San Diego and the vast amount of people he knows. Dick has helped our company grow by his eight years in sales (this is his best year yet) and more importantly by representing The Event Team so well to our hoteliers and clients. Dick is an important part of our team and I wish every one of us had his positive attitude.”
Matt Robbins, President

“Dick has been truly welcoming ever since I started here in November. He is always in a cheerful mood and available for questions. He doesn’t sweat the small stuff and encourages you to do your very best. Dick is the glue that holds us together.
Jennifer Dotson, Operations Manager

“Honestly one the of the most genuinely kind and thoughtful people I know. He never has a negative thing to say!
Jackie Fennelly, Sales & Marketing Assistant

“Probably the most genuine and nicest person I have ever met. Thanks for being such a great teacher!
Katie Bowen, Executive Assistant

“Dick is the nicest person you’ll ever meet and has the kindest soul. He works closely with his clients to create an event that exceeds their expectations. When things get stressful, Dick will help put it all in perspective and return you to calm.
Paige Weeber, VP Operations

“Dick is a true team player, and consistently provides a high level of integrity, kindness and selflessness to our team.
Bill Yahres, VP Sales & Marketing

“Whenever a new recipe is made, fish is caught or vegetables are grown, you can bet your bottom dollar that Dick will be the first to share with everyone. We like to joke about how he kills us with kindness but it’s true, I have never met a nicer man!
Rachelle Kirchner, Operations Manager

“I cannot think of anyone better to share an office with! As co-workers pass by us they will either hear us discussing current events, his most recent recipe success, or our weekend plans, but typically they’ll hear our sarcastic banter about anything and everything. I think my favorite memory was when he said so casually, “Hey, I’ll go with you to Intervention at Hard Rock; I think I’d fit in, right?
Rachel Horgan, Sales Assistant

“Dick is a delight to work with. His generosity shines through in everything he does.
Jessica Ingalls, Operations Assistant

“Dick has taught me more about fishing than I knew was possible!
Danny Fisk, General Manager – Los Angeles

“Talk about a superhero! Dick is one of the people on this planet who combats the evil of the world simply by existing. His kindness, generosity, positive outlook and ability to see the good in all things and people is truly inspirational. He is the epitome of the Golden Rule.
Lindsay White, Director of Sales & Marketing