Decor Inspiration: Keeping the Mad Men Memory Alive

It’s so hard to say goodbye to Mad Men’s incredible cast of characters! What will we do now that we can’t tune in to watch Don deliver an inspiring sales pitch, or Betty suck down a carton of cigarettes, or Roger charm the stockings off anyone but his family, or Pete whine about the latest office injustice, or Peggy and Joan power their way through that ever-so-thick glass ceiling? We will miss them all! Who knew in 2015 we’d be left to grieve the end of an era that already ended?

If you’re anticipating wicked withdrawals like us, we suggest keeping the Mad Men memory alive at your next themed corporate event. We are fascinated by the way decor trends of this era clearly reflected underlying cultural and political tensions, running the gamut from frigid to free-spirited. Check out a couple of our favorite mid-century style sheets below and contact our sales team if you’re interested in a custom decor proposal for your next Southern California corporate function. To connect your brand to the overall concept of the show, our design team can even create Mad Men-inspired advertisements as decor embellishments (menus, entrance pieces, gobos, bar branding, etc.) using your company’s current or former logos and/or slogans.

The Event Team destination management company would love to help you create an event that draws inspiration from and pays tribute to some of the most pivotal decades in American history. For the love of Bert Cooper, we can even ask guests to take their shoes off upon arrival! Wait, did we go too far? Just in case we didn’t, we’ll leave you with a quiz. We got Ken Cosgrove. Which Mad Men Character Are You?