Listen Like a Local: Unique Entertainment Options

Entertainment can make or break an event but it is often overlooked or pushed aside until the last minute, usually due to budget restraints. Often, the money clients have left over in their budget dictates the type of entertainment they can afford. Fortunately, The Event Team has the inside scoop when it comes to the SoCal music scene…our Director of Marketing Lindsay White is a local musician and has personal friendships with some of the best local acts in our destination. If you’ve “been there, done” that with corporate show-bands and want to give your guests a “locals-only” experience, check out these talented groups:

The Big Decisions: Whether playing swinging fiddle tunes or old time standards, The Big Decisions play high energy bluegrass music to get people dancing, singing, laughing, drinking, and celebrating. By continuously playing highly engaging and entertaining shows, The Big Decisions are becoming increasingly well known and have a very loyal diverse local fan base. Their sound ranges from rocking foot-stomp bluegrass to sweet tender waltzes and everywhere in between. Along with playing all the bluegrass standards and their own originals, the boys are known to incorporate music from other genres including songs from bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles as well as various special requests.
1920213_761797427173105_2034229433_nMichael Tiernan: Music from this award-winning singer/songwriter with over 17 years of performance experience can be heard nationally on several TV shows and radio stations. He is an event planner’s dream due to his diverse set-up and extensive event experience. Whether performing solo or with a band, live or as a DJ, original music or covers, Michael brings a professional, warm, and friendly attitude to the room and is skilled at reading crowds and shaping the atmosphere with music that is perfect for the moment.
lsTodo Mundo: Todo Mundo (“All the World”), who’s Organic Fire was voted “Best World Music Album” at the 2011 San Diego Music Awards, blends the musical flavors of Rumba, Reggae, Samba, Gypsy, and other South American and Caribbean rhythms into an irresistible groove that has been moving dance floors and connecting with audiences throughout North America, South America, and Europe. The band is known for their high energy performances, which are led by singer and guitarist Santiago Orozco, a native of Colombia, and vocalist Governor Tiggy, from Jamaica. Todo Mundo’s unique mix of world rhythms and danceable songs has helped them to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.
998107_759172960762531_42459602_nTori Roze and the Hot Mess: If you are seeing her live, hold on tight because you might not be the same after she opens her mouth. With her band The Hot Mess, comprised of five exceptional jazz-infused musicians that literally bring the house down (one of which is her mother), Tori is sure to leave you reeling with toe-tapping excitement. “If you combined the music of Erykah Badu, Ella Fitzgerald, and Janis Joplin, you would acquire what our sound is. We like to put some stank on it, bottom line,” Roze says of their fearless musical style.
L1VF_Tori_RozeGregory Page: This unique English born Irish/Armenian musician creates compelling songs that are full of emotion. Songwriter and crooner Gregory Page creates a dreamy atmosphere of 1920’s jazz, French romanticism, blues and folk music. Gregory’s nostalgia-drenched melodies, vintage vocals and dusty blues rhymes have taken him all over the world; recent performances include The Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland, Austrailia, The O2 Arena in London with Jason Mraz, and on BBC’s The Robert Elms Show. Gregory Page can play solo or accompanied. He also offers a uniquely themed option called Gramophone Gregory” which is described a “portable retro dance party” where he hand cranks swinging dance tunes while singing into a Ring Mount Carbon Microphone.
UFIf you’re interested in these or other unique entertainment options for your group event, contact us today for a brainstorming sesh with our creative team! Stay tuned for more ideas on how to add some local flavor to your next Southern California event!