March: Month of Laura: Part 1

March marks the final month of our “Month of” series, which started in January of 2013. We have been highlighting a different employee each month, finding out what interests them about the events industry, how they each contribute to the company, and getting to know them on a more personal level. Last but not least in this series is our newest hire, Laura Stomber, Account Coordinator for the Los Angeles office. Learn more about Laura below!
WEBSITE-LauraWhat made you want to get into the hospitality/events industry? How have prior jobs prepared you for this position?
I’ve always enjoyed events, from design/concept to execution. I was lucky enough in college to work for the Newport Beach Film Festival and my love of the hospitality/event industry just grew from there. Post college my first job was with Live Nation at House of Blues in SD and it was a great introduction into full service events from weddings to corporate holiday parties to full buy outs. The best part of events is being able to take a clients idea and make it a reality for them.

You’re the newest addition to The Event Team’s LA office. What is the best part of the job and the company in your opinion?
The best part of my job is that there isn’t just one thing I am doing on a typical day – it’s constantly varied which is something I enjoy. The best thing about the company? Absolutely the people. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t find myself laughing or smiling from what someone said/something that happened. Having good coworkers is definitely key!

Los Angeles is constantly growing and evolving as an event destination. What are some of your favorite venues/properties/activities in the area right now?
LA has so much to offer – one of the reasons I love this city! (But don’t tell New York that..) My favorite places recently have been tapas style restaurants where I can try everything, so Bazaar at the SLS, Cleo’s and one of my all time favs is Eveleigh in West Hollywood. As far as activities, I love to be outdoors so the revived lake in Echo Park is fantastic and Griffith Park is always a wonderful place to hike!

How would you describe a day in the life of Laura (at work?)
Anything but ordinary. Usually what emails I’ve received the night before dictates my mornings. But I would say it’s usually a lot of emails, proposals and getting out of the office to visit our hotel partners (which is my favorite part).

What’s life like outside of work? Hobbies/interests?
Outside of work I am fully committed to Crossfit. I train about 2 hours a day and recently received my level 1 certification, so I have begun to shadow the coaches at my box, Crossfit Hollywood and will hopefully start coaching eventually, when my schedule allows. But a lot of my time is taken up by training – which I love, I wouldn’t change it for anything. Other than that, I spend a lot of time with my friends and family – hiking, running, convincing them to try crossfit – and just enjoying all the beautiful weather LA has to offer!