March: Month of Laura – Part 2

Our “Month of” series comes to a close with today’s entry – another look at The Event Team’s newest employee Laura Stomber. Laura has quickly become a go-getter for the Los Angeles office, and her co-workers could not be happier with the job she has done so far!

“Laura has energetically jumped in feet first and has become invaluable. She wears many hats and is already making great strides for the LA sales team. The fact that she likes working with Danny and Dan proves she can handle anything.”
Matt Robbins, President

“Laura continues to amaze me with her ability to get life done. She never sees a closed door but rather a challenge for how as a team we will open it. I adore her laugh and flare for adventure. While the newest member of our team, it has felt like she has been here since the start.”
Danny Fisk, General Manager

“Laura is an excellent addition to the office providing great support on the sales side.  She has started out quickly as an avid contributor to our office and is always hungry for more opportunity.  How she manages to be a star for The Event Team and on CMT (stay tuned for more about that adventure), is still a mystery to me, but we’re happy she’s with us here in Los Angeles.”
Dan Bolen, Operations Manager

“The addition of Laura to the TET family has been amazing.  Her contributions to the LA office have enabled the team to get out of the office more to scout venues, meet with hoteliers and attend industry mixers. Her attention to detail is unlike anyone else I’ve encountered. She thinks of things before you can ask her to do it and her smile and positive outlook pull you in and you get caught up in her energy. Besides devoting her time to TET she also is very passionate about CrossFit, which makes me want to exercise more so that she’s not embarrassed to be seen with me – I gotta step up my game!”
Paige Weeber, VP of Operations
1511446_10152072799790428_418559284_n“Laura has been an amazing asset to our team. She has jumped in quickly and effectively and I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring. Laura is already moving up the ladder and is so professional and fun. A perfect fit!
Romy Linde, Director of Sales

“I am impressed with the way Laura came into the Los Angeles office, guns blazing. Sometimes it can take a while to get a handle on the sales process at a Destination Management Company, but Laura’s previous experience in the hospitality industry, as well as her positive attitude and strong work ethic, really prepared to her excel in this position! On top of this, she is self-sufficient and I completely trust her with marketing projects in the LA office.”
Lindsay White, Director of Marketing

“Laura is awesome. She’s really hit the ground running here at The Event Team and has impressed all of us with her hard work. She’s a great addition to our LA Team and a blast to be around, I’m looking forward to getting to spend more time with her this year!”
Jackie Fennelly, Executive Assistant
0188e562781245af9656de1cef673372e669979173“Laura is a great asset to our team. She’s not afraid to jump in feet first to any project or task and keeps us all smiling when we chat with her.”
Jessica Ingalls, Operations Manager

“Laura is a great addition to our team. It has been as though she has worked here forever. So glad to have her.”
Jennifer Dotson, Operations Manager

We had to throw in this shot of Laura being awesome at CrossFit, since she’s probably tougher than the rest of us combined. Want to learn more about Laura? Check out her profile!