May: Month of Lindsay – Part 1

Our 2013 “Month of” blog series focuses on the “super people” portion of our tagline in hopes of highlighting why our people are The Event Team’s strongest assets! This month, we feature Lindsay White, Director of Sales & Marketing:
WEBSITE-LindsayHow would you describe a day in the life of Lindsay (at work)?
As most people in this industry would probably answer, no day is the same. I guess the most routine thing I do is trying to answer and sort emails in a timely manner. There are SO MANY emails! I am responsible for keeping our vendor information organized and up to date, so it’s important for me to transfer vital information from my inbox to the correct place on our shared server so the entire sales team can access it. (HUGE props to our Sales Intern Jackie Fennelly for helping me with this unending endeavor and so many other tasks!) Other standard projects include managing our online presence via our website and social media accounts, including this very blog. On the marketing side, I typically work on sales-specific projects and events geared toward our partners in the hotel industry or broader destination-based projects geared toward clients via our partners at Hosts Global Alliance. I also always try to be available to help the sales team with random projects if they are in a pinch.

What are the most rewarding/challenging aspects of your role at The Event Team?
The most challenging/daunting part of my position is trying to keep up with the mountains of information we receive on a daily business. We HAVE to stay current, and there are always so many new restaurants, venues, tours, activities, companies to research in order to ensure we are providing our clients with the very best our destinations have to offer. Making sure we have correct contact info, capacity, pricing, descriptions, etc. can be overwhelming. At then end of the day, you have to accept it is a project with no end in sight, which is very hard for someone like me to do because I like crossing things off my to-do list.

By far, the most rewarding part of my job is having the freedom to be creative and incorporate my strengths and passions into my daily tasks. Holiday Marketing, for example, has become a fun lion to tame in this sense because I’m always trying to top what I did last year. My goal is always to show our clients and industry partners what it is about The Event Team that makes us special (and better)! It is very rewarding to see this aspect of my job pay off via brand awareness and recognition within the industry.

You have worked in all departments at The Event Team. Why can’t you stay in one place?
Back in 2007, I started working at The Event Team in the Operations Department. I quickly realized the nights/weekend schedule did not jive with my schedule as a musician, so Matt agreed to let me move over to sales. I was in charge of the office and assisted Matt and Romy with clients for a couple years, but eventually my creative bug bit me hard enough to work up the nerve to ask for my own unique position in Marketing. I’m glad I was able to work within all the departments because it gave me an understanding of what everyone’s needs are and the motivation to make their lives easier by creating efficient systems of information-sharing. The flexibility of my current position allows me to focus on my career with The Event Team as well as my music/writing career in a balanced way, which I could not be more thankful for. I truly believe that you have to find a way to do what you love, or else what is it all for? I think The Event Team also benefits from this because their support has resulted in a happy, loyal, productive employee! Thankfully, I have a boss who supports this mentality and has always supported me through the years.

What is one of the best things about working for The Event Team or this industry in general?
In a nutshell, we get to do cool stuff. I can’t tell you how many amazing Southern California experiences I’ve had simply by being lucky enough to ride The Event Team roller coaster! This is not your average desk job! Another great thing about The Event Team is the people. We have such a great group of people working here – it really is like a family – one I become closer and closer to the longer I’m here.

Tell us more about your music and hobbies.
I have a few musical projects up my sleeve, but I am most active in a local duo called The Lovebirds. Besides performing, I manage the band, which is also a full time job, which also explains the constant dark circles under my eyes. Sleep is a luxury! We just released our second full-length album via Berkley Sound and will be touring the West Coast throughout May. So far, we’ve been lucky enough to perform with The Lumineers, Jason Mraz, John C. Reilly, Tristan Prettyman, Steve Poltz, Susanna Hoffs, Jack Tempchin and a bunch of other really talented musicians. Other creative projects include freelance writing and social media management for the San Diego Troubadour. I just started writing a screenplay too. I will stop at nothing short of world domination!

Next up for the Month of Lindsay, we’ll ask the rest of the team to share their thoughts on our Director of Sales & Marketing!