May: Month of Lindsay – Part 2

When we last left you, you heard from Lindsay White, our Director of Sales & Marketing, about her role with The Event Team. Now, let’s see what the rest of the team has to say about her, as we continue celebrating the Month of Lindsay!

“I believe that you let people grow into the job they are most qualified to handle. Lindsay is the perfect example because she has climbed the ladder with jobs at The Event Team into a position that is perfect for her and a godsend for us. We always dreamed of having a person who could take the look and feel of The Event Team and make it better. A person who’s sole job was to improve the brand, the information sent to clients and to work with our vendors to develop better products.  Lindsay does all that and more!  We throw out the term “creative” way too often but in her case it is a vast understatement. I firmly believe that our huge success the last few years is a direct result of her work as Director of Sales and Marketing. I am not always sure what she is working on “back there” but I know it will be good for The Event Team.”
Matt Robbins, President

“Lindsay is a creative genius!!!! The marketing pieces she has created have helped The Event Team standout from our competition and have made an impression on our clients. What will she come up with for this year’s Holiday Photo and card? Aside from what she does in the office, Lindsay is a really genuine person with a great heart and soul, and you instantly want to be her friend. She makes working together fun. And I love her dimples!!!”
Paige Weeber, VP Operations

“Second to none, Lindsay is cool, calm, and casual on the outside, and is an intense marketing genius on the inside! Our collective team has never seen more talent, and Lindsay provides the vision to interpret our place through branding and communications to our clients and partners. In short, she makes us look good!”
Bill Yahres, VP Sales & Marketing

“Lindsay is always such a positive person in the office. She is very open to helping others and will do it with a smile.”
Jennifer Dotson, Operations Manager

“Lindsay is one of the most creative and hard-working people I know. Not only does she organize all of our vendor contact and pricing information but she also continuously produces top of the line write-ups for proposals and was the lead woman on the new brand launch of 2012. There really isn’t anything this girl can’t do. We are missing her here at the office this month while she is on tour with her beautiful music.”
Rachelle Kirchner, Operations Manager

“I love the way she finds the humor in the serious, she sums up a 30 minute meeting with one blunt statement, and when she asks “how are you?” she truly cares about the answer. Lindsay is one of those crazy talented human beings that is good at well, everything. I’m constantly in awe of what she brings to the table at The Event Team, and I know she is meant for great things.”
Rachel Horgan, Sales Assistant

“What can you say about Lindsay? She masters everything she does with a smile and some humor. Though she wears many hats here at The Event Team, she manages them all well and has helped to create the brand of “The Event Team” which makes us stand out among the competition. I’m going to miss having her next to me in the office when she goes on tour with her band in May.”
Jessica Ingalls, Operations Assistant

“Lindsay is a source of such inspiration and motivation – she always has the right song in mind. I adore her creativity and zest for humor!”
Danny Fisk, General Manager