Natalie Vinje Selected as Hotelier of the 3rd Quarter

The Event Team recently selected Natalie Vinje, Catering and Conference Services Manager at L’Auberge Del Mar as our Hotelier of the 3rd Quarter. The recipient of this award is a hotel partner who shows outstanding effort, extraordinary teamwork, and exemplary attitude in partnering with The Event Team and the city of San Diego for our valued visitors.

IMG_20120609_192151Romy Linde, our Director of Sales, works directly with Natalie on business at the L’Auberge. She said, “Natalie as been a pleasure to work with. She is quick and efficient, and I look forward to assisting with more events in the future!”

We caught up with Natalie and learned a little bit more about her life at L’Auberge and at home. Check it out:

How long have you been working with L’Auberge?
10 years

How did you get your start in the hospitality industry?
When I moved back to San Diego from college, my brother’s friend was the Front Desk Manager here at L’Auberge, and he asked me to come work for him at the front desk.

What is it about this industry that appeals to you?
I enjoy working with different people on a day to day basis. Hotels are a place for people to come and enjoy themselves and I like helping to make their experience a positive one.

What do you like about partnering with The Event Team?
You are always quick to respond and are EXTREMELY helpful. You keep me in the loop with the clients we are working with and are very professional. Very reliable!

What is your favorite San Diego restaurant or venue?
I stay in the town I live in and don’t take time to go outside of the city to check out restaurants like I should. In Escondido, I like Vintanas, Stone Brewery and Anejos.

Any hobbies/interests outside of work you’d like to share?
I have an almost 5 year old daughter, and she is my interest outside of work!

Congratulations, Natalie! Thanks to you and L’Auberge for your partnership!