New Year, New Goals: The Event Team’s 2016 Resolutions

For The Event Team’s final blog of 2015, we asked some team members from our Destination Management companies in San Diego and Los Angeles to share their personal and professional goals for the new year. Here’s hoping we all find the time and energy to achieve every last one! What are your goals for the new year?

Matt Robbins, President

Professional: To supply my team the tools and motivation they need to be successful and happy!
Personal: To tackle a few projects around the house and to plan one big and one smaller vacation with my wife!

The Event Team DMC matt susan

Where will Matt and Susan go next?

Bill Yahres, VP Sales & Marketing

Professional: I will contribute in creating record breaking company growth, by implementing manager training and robust sales strategies in the hotel and convention markets.  
Personal: I am going to plan and enjoy a fun summer vacation.

The Event Team - Bill Paradise Point Resort

Bill’s already planning for summer ’16!

Paige Weeber, VP Sales & Marketing

Professional: This year I want delegate more to my team to help them grow and test their boundaries, freeing me up to assist the sales team more with presentations and site inspections, and focus on growing our field staff in San Diego and Orange County.
Personal: I want to maintain the healthy lifestyle I’ve created in the past year and to lose those pesky last 5 pounds that just won’t go away!

Geraldine Caedo, General Manager

Professional: I’m going to help our office to exceed our 2016 sales goals and have at least 1 piece of business that is generated from my personal network.
Personal: I’m going to start journaling again. I did it consistently through most of my early adulthood and then it just fell off the past few years. It helps me to be reflective about where I’ve been as well as planful for where I’d like to go in life.

The Event Team - Geraldine Caedo Paige Weeber

Geraldine and Paige, fearless leaders ready for the new year!

Marcie Booth, Operations Manager

Professional: I want to be able execute larger and more vast programs in 2016, as well as building my professional network with new and old contacts.
Personal: I want to spend more time developing the brand and creating fun content for my blog Curvy Girls Can!

The Event Team Los Angeles marcie booth

Check out Marcie’s blog!

Lindsay White, Director of Marketing

Professional: I will provide much more marketing support to our Los Angeles team (using strategies that have proven successful for our San Diego DMC office as well as projects geared specifically toward the L.A. market). I’m also looking forward to implementing a new plan for gaining repeat business.
Personal: This year will be all about getting fit and saving enough money to pay for a wedding and a new album.

The Event Team san diego lindsay white

Two things that aren’t cheap: weddings and music-making!

Kim Derr, Operations Manager

Professional: I would like to get my CMP in 2016!
Personal: I am going to travel more in 2016. I want to focus more on planning short trips and getting out in the world!

The Event Team san diego kim derr

Kim Derr (center) – soon to be CMP!

Monica Paniagua, Sales Assistant

Professional: I will attend more of our events to be able to sell them more effectively as well as incorporate more venue research into my role.
Personal: I’m going to get through at least 5 projects on my home improvement wish list. Thanks to my Pinterest obsession, my list just keeps growing!

The Event Team San Diego Monica Paniagua

Monica Paniagua (center) – her colleagues support her!


Steve Larson, National Sales Manager

Professional: I am going to generate more hotel business in San Diego and foster even better relationships with our local hotel partners.
Personal: I am going to make it to the gym at least 3 days per week!

Steve Larson is ready to take on the town and the gym.

Steve Larson is ready to take on the town and the gym!

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