October: Month of Rachel – Part 1

In the wake of her recent nomination for San Diego Business Journal’s “Emerging Generation” award, The Event Team has dubbed October the Month of Rachel! As she approaches her one year anniversary with the company, we asked her a few questions about her experiences thus far.

WEBSITE-RachelYou just received a big promotion to the role of Sales Manager. Congratulations! In what ways will your responsibilities change? What are you most excited about?
Thank you! Since Romy has been on maternity leave I’ve had to hit the ground running as a “stand in” sales manager so this promotion feels like confirmation that I’m doing something right. As a Sales Manager I now have full responsibility for my own programs which allows me to have a little more freedom in my approach and what I propose. I’m most excited about getting to know the people in this industry better, seeing some of my Orange County programs happen, and potentially taking a sales trip with Romy.

You are approaching your one-year anniversary with The Event Team. What are a couple of your best memories so far with the company, either at work or at play?
First of all, I cannot believe it’s only been a year! So much has happened and I’ve gotten incredibly close with my TET family it seems like it’s been closer to 10 years. I’d say my highlights are as follows: playing golf cart polo at the polo fields, watching the padres play cocktail in hand from the Ultimate Skybox, giraffes licking my hand as I feed them at the zoo, a month after starting going on a 4 day vegas retreat with the crazy crew, and oh i don’t know every day at the office! It’s been a wild ride and I’m incredibly grateful to be on it.

Part of your job consists of taking clients on site visits to some of San Diego’s best event spaces. What is your favorite venue so far and why?
I’ve been privileged enough to see some pretty pricey venues that have jaw dropping views; some even have restricted access. But I have to say my favorite thus far is…a dirt lot. Yes a dirt lot. It hides behind the Cosmopolitan hotel in Old Town. It holds covered wagons, an old blacksmith’s shop, and it just exudes the whole rustic look. With the right tent, some mason jars, and a touch of decor it could be glorious. Being from a hippietown in Oregon may have something to do with this…

How would you describe a day in the life of Rachel at home? Any special hobbies/interests?
Well a lot of Spotify is involved. I’m constantly listening to music and trying to find new artists. And no, I can’t sing myself (but that doesn’t stop me from grabbing the mic at karaoke night!) Soccer was a huge part of my life growing up and after a brief hiatus I’m back playing in an indoor and outdoor league. I volunteer as an advisor for Theta at UCSD, and if I am feeling particularly inspired by pinterest I attempt crafting. Other than that you can find me getting some sun at the bay by my house.

You’ve often described this position as your dream job. What is it about the hospitality industry and DMC world that you are passionate about? How have your prior work/life experiences prepared you for this role?
I’ll answer this in reverse. Every experience I’ve had prior to this from president of my sorority to wedding planner to hotelier and more has prepared me for this role in some way. Working for a DMC you are challenged to know everything about everything so each past experience helps.

The hospitality world is special for three main reasons: the people, the culture, and the work. The industry people are down to earth, there is a work hard play hard culture that I relate to, and our job is about cultivating human interaction. In a world filled with apps and social media, it’s refreshing to create real-life experiences that make memories.

Describe a shining moment and/or highlight a memorable event you played a key role in.
I’ve worked really hard on selling a lot of 2014 events so ask me how they went next year!