October: Month of Rachel – Part 2

The Month of Rachel (October) is still in full swing at the office. After only a year at The Event Team, Sales Manager Rachel Horgan has already won over her co-workers and industry colleagues. Check out what people have to say:

“I am so amazed at how much Rachel has grown with the Event Team in the span of one year.  Her attention to detail is spot on and each challenge that is thrown her way, she tackles with positive energy.  She has been a great addition to The Event Team and I can’t imagine life here without her.”
Paige Weeber – VP of Operations

“Rachel is not only hilarious, but she is a true professional at the same time. She comes here to do her job, but also knows how to have fun doing it.

Jennifer Dotson – Operations Manager

“Some people walk into an office and bring a negative funk with them. Rachel is the anti-funk, and she has been brightening up The Event Team office since her first day on the job. She is a wonderful Sales Manager who stepped up big-time when Romy left on maternity leave. The icing on the cake is her personality, sense of humor, and friendship, all of which I appreciate even more due to my love of icing and cake.”
Lindsay White – Director of Marketing

“It usually takes a new Salesperson almost a year and a half before they really know how to sell our services, but not Rachel. She blossomed into a full blown Sales Manager in less than 6 months. I have not seen anyone become so polished and professional so fast. Her ability to understand the “Big Picture” and make all the right decisions is amazing. We are very lucky to have Rachel on our team and I can’t wait to see what she will accomplish as she enters her second year.”
Matt Robbins – President

“Never a dull moment with this girl in the office. She’s a super hard worker, team player and quick learner! Great person to go to for advice as well!”
Katie Bowen – Design & Sales Coordinator

“Rachel is Amazing at being Rachel! She scares me in all the right ways, she is amazing at making clients feel at ease while never losing a beat. She always has a smile on and I can hear it over the phone. I adore her humor and wit – always the social butterfly. When I grow up I want to just like Rachel!”
Danny Fisk –  General Manager, Los Angeles

“Rachel is our rising sales star with enthusiasm and eagerness to approach all leads and sales meetings with a competitive drive that will take her to the top. She has been called upon to fill big shoes and all signs point to the idea that she is doing just that.”
Dan Bolen – Operations and Sales Assistant, Los Angeles

“Rachel, Rachel, Rachel… Where to begin? Full of personality, great friend, great work ethic, always makes me laugh… She’s the perfect person to have introduced me to the sales world, I’ve learned so much from her and continue to follow by example. Rach-ull ‘gives me wings.'”
Jackie Fennelly – Executive Assistant