What’s Cookin’ this Summer? Monthly San Diego News from The Event Team

Summer is the perfect season to get your Top Chef on in San Diego! Check out these fun and delicious activities & events for groups, and let us know if we can help make your client’s San Diego event finger-lickin’ good!
Private Demo at Searsucker
The Event Team recently attended an event showcasing Searsucker’s private event space, which is now available for groups to rent.  An added perk for clients looking to wow their guests: Restaurant owner and Top Chef Celebrity Brian Malarkey can be booked for exclusive cooking demonstrations!
Cooking Classes in La Jolla
La Jolla-based Harvard Cookin’ Girl, a business that focuses on  bringing healthy eating to kids through fun, hands-on afterschool curriculum, is now offering cooking classes for “big kids” including Corporate Team Building and Girl’s Night Out.  Private functions & semiprivate classes are available.Don’t forget to call The Event Team sales office at 888.EVENT.88 if you need help planning your Southern California corporate event, activity or tour.  We are local experts! On top of booking your offsite activity or event venue, we can also arrange transportation, entertainment, amenities, and any other special event needs. For more info, visit our official website.
June Calendar of Events (San Diego)

June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Stone Brewery Late Night Movies

June 3, 10, 24
Friday Pre-game Parties at the Park

June 4-5
Fiesta Del Sol, Solana Beach

June 4
Art Around Adams

June 5
Rock n’ Roll Marathon

June 10 – July 4
San Diego County Fair

June 10
San Diego Magazine Social Buzz Party

June 18 – 19
La Jolla Festival of the Arts

June 19
Father’s Day
June 24-26
San Diego International Beer Festival

June 25
Ocean Beach Street Fair & Chili Cook-off

June 25-26
San Diego Spirits Festival, Broadway Pier

June 26
Taste of Adams Avenue

The Event Team Fat-Off is On!

Summer is just about here, and The Event Team is getting bikini & board short ready by holding a Fat-Off!  While we love indulging in the yummy treats our hotel partners and vendors always bring us, we are ready to fight the chunk.

The Participants:
Battling head-to-head in the female division we have Paige Weeber (who is on vacation & will have to send us a picture), Rachelle Kirchner, Ciera Davis, & Lindsay White!

Females: Before.  Rachelle, Ciera, Lindsay (P-dub not pictured)

In the male division, we have Matt Robbins, Bill Yahres & Dick Burson!

Males: Before.  Matt, Dick, Bill


Friday May 6, 2011 – Friday June 10, 2011
There will be one male winter and one female winner based on percentage of weight loss.  That gives us roughly 5 weeks to drop the poundage. 
Grand Prize:
Winners (1 male and one female) will receive $100 worth of fitness-related items or services (to be approved by the boss)- includes classes, workout gear, whole food gift card etc.
We invite you to cheer us on, take bets (what?)or even start up your own office fat-off!  We will be regularly updating our progress, so stay tuned!

It’s All Hood- Los Angeles Edition

In order to achieve total customer satisfaction in our host cities, we have to do our homework.  Everything is constantly changing, and we have to be aware of those changes immediately. The Event Team takes that last part of our name seriously- and like any good team, we have scouts!
This scouting report focuses on Los Angeles.  Last week, we spent two full days “researching” the City of Angels.  And by “researching”, we mean “having a blast.”  We sited nearly 30 spaces all over the city, and the biggest take-away was experiencing the vastly different characteristics and personalities of each neighborhood.  Allow us to share just a few of our favorites:


Beverly Hills: Put on your fancy pants and get ready to spend.  This small neighborhood is 6 square miles of ka-ching. While movies tend to over-glamorize LA, there are no smoke and mirrors when it comes to Beverly Hills. It is that nice. You’ll see cars as expensive as houses and houses as expensive as spaceships.  Even the air seems rich.  Surprisingly, however, the people are quite pleasant and not too snobbish.  We suppose it’s pretty easy to maintain a good mood when you’re rollin’ in the deep. If you’re the type of person who likes your dinner served with seven different forks, this is the place for you!

May we suggest? We think the ultimate Beverly Hills experience for our groups is a cocktail reception or dinner on Two Rodeo Drive.  This famous three block mock-street is home to the most expensive store in the world and is available for special VIP group functions. As for activities that won’t break your budget, how about a hike at Runyon Canyon, where you’re bound to spot a Pomeranian-walking starlet!
Two Rodeo Drive
Hollywood: It’s fast-paced, it’s urban, it’s rock n’ roll. Everyone has an agenda, but underneath that agenda is another collective community purpose: Party-and look cool doing it.  The residents are rocking the fiercest fashions and there’s a popular hotspot for every night of the week. If you own skinny jeans and 6 different pairs of black designer sunglasses, get thee to Hollywood!
May we suggest?
There is no shortage of awesome Hollywood experiences.  We would suggest a rooftop hotel event at the Andaz or the Mondrian.  Or maybe a reception & fashion show at The Colony, a new Hamptons-themed hot spot that features a seamless indoor-outdoor flow and a cozy beach house setting. If you’re more of a nature person, how about a horseback ride up to the legendary Hollywood sign?
The Colony
Santa Monica: Just a quick drive from the aforementioned neighborhoods, this LA favorite is a world away in terms of atmosphere.  Like any beach city, Santa Monica offers a much-needed breath of fresh air.  Even the most upscale restaurants in this area go without a dress code.  Residents can’t get enough Vitamin D here- outdoor dining, lounging and shopping is all the rage. If your preferred mode of transportation is a beach cruiser, we suggest going coastal in Santa Monica.
May we suggest? Daytime activities are Santa Monica’s forte.  We can offer a shopping shuttle to the newly-opened Santa Monica Place (adjacent to the very popular Third Street Promenade). Or if you want the true sand-in-your-toes experience, we can host a beachside pool party complete with yoga classes and bike rides at Annenberg Community Beach House.
Annenberg Community Beach House  

What style fits you best? Stay tuned for future editions of “It’s All Hood”!

The Event Team Announces Membership in Hosts Global Alliance

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                    
3 May, 2011
The Event Team is proud to announce its membership in the newly formed Hosts Global Alliance, previously USA Hosts Alliance.
After much anticipation, USA Hosts announced the launch of Hosts Global Alliance on May 3, 2011 in support of the company’s expansion and global initiatives as well as a new brand identity.
Hosts Global Alliance has seen remarkable growth in just a few short months and emerges as a new global alliance of Destination Management Companies (DMC) serving convention and meeting destinations worldwide.  The new Hosts Global Alliance brand incorporates an exciting new logo and compelling tagline, “Global Reach. Local Experts.”, designed to promote the company’s worldwide presence.
“The Event Team is very excited about the new alliance.  The Hosts Global Alliance is comprised of an incredible group of companies that are experts in their cities and in their industry.  The improvements and streamlining efforts being made throughout the alliance will strengthen relationships not only with clients, but also with each other.” – Matt Robbins, CMP – President
The Event Team underwent a stringent vetting process which included demonstrating strong financial standings, proven industry experience, insurance standards, qualified references, and best practice standards of service.
The Event Team joins thirty three other DMCs and one cruise alliance member around the world including:
Atlanta, GA                                          The Juice Studios
Atlantic City, NJ                                    Roberts Event Group, Inc.
Austin, TX                                             Circa Texas
Baltimore, MD                                       USA Hosts DC
Boston, MA                                           NXTevent
Bozeman, MT & Mountain West             Mountain Destinations
Chicago, IL                                           USA Hosts Chicago
Dallas, TX                                             USA Hosts Dallas
Oahu/Maui/ Kona, HA                            USA Hosts Hawaii
Houston, TX                                          Sullivan Group
Las Vegas, NV                                      USA Hosts Las Vegas
Los Angeles/Orange County, CA         The Event Team
Miami, FL                                             Florida Meeting Services
Naples, FL                                            Eventions of Florida
New Orleans, LA                                   USA Hosts New Orleans
New York, NY                                       Shackman Associates New York
Orlando, FL                                           Florida Meeting Services
Palm Springs, CA                                The Event Team
Park City/Salt Lake City, UT                   Destination VIP, Incorporated
Philadelphia, PA                                    Roberts Event Group, Inc.
San Antonio, TX                                    Circa Texas
San Diego, CA                                    The Event Team
San Francisco, Bay Area, CA                 Key Events
Santa Barbara, CA                              The Event Team
Savannah, GA                                       The Juice Studios
Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater, FL      Eventions of Florida
Washington, D.C.                                 USA Hosts DC
AUSTRALIA                                          Managing Australian Destinations – M.A.D.
AUSTRIA                                              Venue DMC
BRAZIL                                                 Condor Travel
CANADA                                              Roni Feldman & Associates
DUBAI                                                  Gulf Dunes, LLC
EGYPT                                                 Emeco Travel
ENGLAND                                            Wedgewood Britain
GERMANY                                           Compass Tours Incoming & Top Tours Travel
GLOBAL WATERWAYS                         Worldwide Travel and Cruise
GREECE                                              Conceptours
INDIA                                                    Trail Blazer Tours India Private Limited
IRELAND                                              Wallace Travel Group
ISRAEL                                                 Amiel Tours, Ltd.
ITALY                                                   Venue Italia dmc
NEW ZEALAND                                    Exclusive Events
PUERTO RICO                                      Destination Puerto Rico
SCOTLAND                                          Wedgewood Britain
SPAIN                                                  SHE Spanish Heritage
WALES                                                Wedgewood Britain
Hosts Global Alliance, formerly the USA Hosts Alliance, is a rapidly growing alliance of Destination Management Companies currently representing thirty four DMCs and one cruise alliance member around the globe. USA Hosts was founded in 1958 as the first DMC consortium of its kind.  Moving into the 21st Century, Hosts sets the bar again for clients needs for local expertise and worldwide reach.  Hosts Global Alliance provides a full-service approach for special events, transportation management, lodging, venue selection, tours, activities, teambuilding, dining programs and more.
Visit Hosts Global Alliance on the web at www.hosts-global.com.
For more information, contact Jennifer Patino, CEO, Hosts Global Alliance at
Jennifer.Patino@hosts-global.com, 702.798.1975, or toll free at 800.634.6133.

For International Inquiries, please call +1 919.239.4532.

The Power of Positivity – 5 helpful hints to use at work!

In a fast-paced, deadline driven-work environment, it’s easy to feel stressed out, overwhelmed and lose focus.  It can be difficult to juggle responsibilities, keep clients satisfied, maintain relationships with colleagues and display a positive attitude at the same time.

This leads us to the question: how do you create positivity in the workplace?

At The Event Team, we incorporate positivity with our weekly Positivity Box.  Every Monday morning, the person running our staff meeting (we rotate to keep it fresh) will close by reading aloud positivity emails that were submitted to our president throughout the week.  These notes are directed to either individuals or the entire office, and may include recognition for a job well done, appreciation for assistance on a project, apologies for a short temper, or encouragement going into a busy week.  It is amazing how five minutes every Monday can improve motivation and morale throughout the week.

If the Positivity Box is too “kumbaya” for you, here are five other tips you can use to create a positive work environment:

Make a Top Ten List: Write down 10 things you like about your job and post them somewhere in your workspace.  Whenever you feel frustration or negativity looming, take a glance at that bad boy and remind yourself why the obstacles you face at the moment pale in comparison.

Switch Strategies: Whether you’re trying to get a client to sign a contract or a coworker to fork over an expense sheet, sometimes you may feel like you’re beating your head against a wall, which may result in a serious hissy fit.  Think outside the box and approach the situation from a new angle. Try replacing the phrase “I need” with the phrase “I would appreciate it if…” Note: You must also switch the tone of your voice or else you will just sound sarcastic.

Clear the Clutter: Feeling out of control is one of the fastest ways you can snap.  This is an easy fix.  Devote 5-10 minutes at the end of every work week to tidying up your work space.  Get rid of those coffee-stained sticky notes from 7 months ago.  Throw away those chachkies that are forming a small army on your desk.  How many calendars do you actually need? Don’t forget to clean up your online workspace too.  Organize your Outlook inbox into clearly marked sub-folders and unsubscribe from any online newsletters you no longer find useful.  These steps will help “defragment” your brain and keep you from feeling frazzled.

Must Have Music: Depending on the nature of your work, you may need to clear this one with the boss.  Music has been proven time and time again to affect mood and productivity.  What sounds do you hear at work, and how do they affect your overall attitude?  Do you want to scream every time the guy in the office next door spends an hour checking his voicemail on speakerphone?  Or is there something about the incessant drone of office machinery that makes you irritable?  If it is allowed in your office, try listening to music. Plug a pair of ear buds into your computer or smart phone and pick a genre of music that matches the attitude you’d like to have.  (Just use one of the ear buds if you still need to hear the phone ring, etc.) We recommend creating a Sade station on Pandora.  Pretty sure it’s impossible to throw a temper tantrum while listening to Sade.

Be Good for Goodness Sake: At the end of the day, it all boils down to the golden rule.  Respect everyone that you come into contact with as an equal, and never assume that your time is more valuable than theirs.  Keep a handful of thank-you cards tucked away in your desk and find reasons to use them on a regular basis.  If you think someone’s new haircut looks great, let them know.  Don’t hold grudges. Accept the fact that no one is perfect, including yourself.  If you make a mistake, own it, apologize and move forward.  Do favors for others and expect nothing in return but the good feeling it gives you.

So go ahead. Try it out!  You’ll love it. We’re positive.

Feel free to share other ideas of maintaining a positive work environment below!

Site Inspection Perfection

We all know how important site inspections are.  It’s your best chance to make a connection and win business.  Some of our sales managers attended a SDCVB meeting last week and brought home these savvy tips.  The main point is to stop talking about how great the weather is and get to the good stuff.  Your clients will thank you!

1. Understand and demonstrate knowledge of your client’s program. Do your homework on their past programs and how your hotel/venue might be similar to ones they’ve used prior.

2. Own the account and the client during the entire RFP process.  Take an interest to know some personal background information on the client prior to their visit.

3. Greet client at main entrance with smile and energy.

4. Upon arrival, review program with client for changes and/or additions and review the site flow.

5. When introducing upper Management, be sure they have a purpose and are relevant to the site process. Make introductions in a setting which is peaceful and away from other guests.

6. Use the client’s name and refer to the meeting name whenever possible during the site.

7. Conduct the Site as their attendees would experience the property, from lobby to guest rooms, to meeting space.

8.  Personalize the site experience to the client and the conference (welcome gobo, themed break to reflect the name of the conference, etc.)

9. If you are not able to show proposed meeting rooms/venues, have pictures and diagrams available to show the client that their meeting specs requested work in the rooms which are not seen durin g the site.

10. Benefit sell your property/venue.  What makes your property different from others they might be seeing? Great time for story-selling how your hotel/venue has ensured other similar programs exceed expectations of the planner and the attendees.