September: Month of Jessica – Part 2

We are all about celebrating Jessica Ingalls this month! She just got a promotion from Operations Assistant to Operations Manager, and she is a wonderful person to have in the office! Check out some of her moments with The Event Team below, along with some words of praise from her colleagues!

“Jessica has risen in the ranks very quickly at The Event Team. She is the type of person that you just keep giving her more responsibility, and she always comes through. I feel very confident that she will be a key player in our Operations Team for years to come. (Please stay!)
-Matt Robbins, President

“Jessica is an amazing individual. I’ve never seen someone complete her tasks to quickly and come to me asking for more work. Personally, she has a very sweet disposition and always sees the good in someone. I love her energy and drive to learn more about our industry and her willingness to make herself available whenever she’s needed.”
-Paige Weeber, VP of Operations

“Jessica is a consummate professional while maintaining a great mentality and helpfulness within our company.  She is an invaluable asset to the operations team and has been truly pivotal in assisting those around her for the further growth of the company and the execution of superior events.”
-Dan Bolen, Operations and Sales Assistant

“Jessica is so on top of her game it scares me! She is the ultimate multi-tasker who always seems so grounded and never has a hair out of place.”
-Danny Fisk, General Manager

“I am always impressed with Jessica’s breadth of knowledge from classic cars to winery history to Disney facts. I’m proud of her for hitting the ground running in her manager role and literally hitting the ground running with all her marathons. She is a joy to have in the office (especially when we get to talking about our lives as sorority advisors!)”
-Rachel Horgan, Sales Mananger

“Jessica and I instantly became friends when I started as an intern at The Event Team…our desks were right next to each other. She is a very sweet, approachable person and I feel I can ask her about anything. It comes in handy! Her positive attitude really makes her a joy to be around.”
-Jackie Fennelly, Sales & Marketing Assistant

“Jessica is always available and willing to help out when needed. She never complains about any extra tasks that might not normally do.”
Jennifer Dotson, Operations Manager

“Jess rocks. She is a go-getter with a positive attitude both in the office and on-site at events. I love people who are cheerful but can still pull off a dry sense of humor, and that’s her. I also admire the way she applies ambition and commitment to all aspects of her life, work and personal.”
Lindsay White, Director of Sales & Marketing