Southern California Teambuilding: Tried and True, Fresh and New

The Event Team is pulling into the homestretch of 2016 with a focus on Southern California teambuilding. In addition to operating some of our most popular programs, we continue to broaden our repertoire. Here’s a quick glimpse of our recent events and findings!

Tried and True: Olympics in San Diego, CA

Earlier this month, The Event Team organized a casual Olympics teambuilding activity for 24 guests at the Grande Colonial. We offer several variations of this program depending on the group’s desired level of physical activity as well as the client’s goals, objectives, and budget. This particular interpretation, while not too physically demanding, was engaging and hilarious nonetheless. Activities included puzzles, giant Jenga, rubber chicken archery (it’s as funny as it sounds).

Olympics Southern California Teambuilding

Tried and True: Iron Chef in Los Angeles, CA

Last week, the Los Angeles team put together a appetizing Iron Chef event and catered lunch for a corporate group of 25 local guests at an offsite venue called Foothill Kitchens. Donning their aprons and chef hats, each team worked together to create and present an original dish to our expert chef/judge.

Fresh and New: Vertical Board Games

An entertaining way to encourage networking, these vertical magnetic boards suspend classic and modern board games for easier playing. Guests can play at their leisure, or we can offer several formal teambuilding variations complete with scorekeeping and prizes. The setup is not only fun; it’s functional. Each double-sided board allows groups of up to 8 to socialize around each table. Since all elements of the game (board, game pieces, timers) are suspended on a vertical plane, there is plenty of room on each table for food and drinks. Boards can be branded with company logos or event hashtags, and they also are a great way to post or distribute information, business cards, brochures, and the like.

Vertical Board Games Southern California Teambuilding

Fresh and New: Style Your Soles CSR Program

This trending corproate teambuilding event combines art, fashion, philanthropy, and fun. Using a designated number of TOMS blank canvas shoes, teams create their own line of shoes using fabric markers, stencils, and other decorations. Teams must market and pitch their shoe line as well. At the end of the competition, judges choose a winner based on best design and presentation. A representative from a local charity will be onsite to accept the donation. As if the event wasn’t cool enough, TOMS also matches your local donation with additional pairs given to children in Africa, Asia or South America.

TOMS Style Your Sole Southern California Teambuilding

Southern California Teambuilding – Need More Info?

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