Spontaneous Event Planning? An Awesome Oxymoron Worth Analysis.

For centuries people with similar interests have come together to share the experience of the things they love with like-minded others, but never has it been done with the speed and scale that today’s technology allows.  Thanks to Facebook and other social media websites, advertising and coordinating large scale events has almost become instantaneous.  Large groups can be assembled in mere days with digital word-of-mouth.  These “flash-mob cultural happenings” take on several forms including art shows, themed runs, midnight city bike rides, pillow fights, and water fights.  Websites such as LivingSocial and Thrillist offer pop-up dinners and other novel social activities like a wine and kayak pairing.  Thrillist’s latest SOLD OUT offering is a 5-course champagne pop-up picnic with 2000 people.  For $65 guests receive a locally sourced gourmet meal, half a bottle of champagne, and the opportunity to socialize with 2000 people dressed in white at a secret location that is revealed on the day of the event!  How Grand!

image from www.thrillist.com

The rise of this cultural phenomenon may be due in part to the very technologies that make them possible.  Although connected to everyone and everything virtually, hours spent online in front of the computer screen have left people starved for genuine human connection and interaction.  Increased and unpredictable work hours have limited time for recreation and social activities while also making it difficult to plan far in advance.  Pop-up events help to fill the void that modern society has created in the digital age.  We all need that time to create and build relationships with others; it is a crucial element of the human experience.  The mystery, novelty, and anticipation also add to the excitement and appeal of flash happenings that often leave attendees with a sense of being a part of something bigger than themselves, certainly bigger than the world in front of the keyboard.

We love pop-up events at The Event Team!  They go hand-in-hand with what we do best.  Like flash happenings, our events are all about connecting face-to-face, networking, building camaraderie, being creative, and having fun with a collective purpose.  From flash mobs to unique dining experiences to themed teambuilding activities, The Event Team can help organize unforgettable events that will surprise your guests and accomplish your goals.  We love staying on top of the latest trends to offer buzz-worthy meetings that foster fun and human connectivity!

Check out this cool Flash Mob we arranged for a recent San Diego Block Party. Our guests had so much fun with it, they performed it twice throughout the event!