Teambuilding Spotlight: Let’s Make a SEAL – Beach Bootcamp

As we’ve all figured out by now, “adulting” is super hard. You have to be one tough cookie to power through all the challenges life throws your way. Not to worry, The Event Team destination management company is here to help! One of the most unique teambuilding activities we offer is our Navy SEAL Training/Bootcamp, led by active and/or veteran Navy officers. This exciting and meaningful Southern California corporate event is designed to foster determination and help even the most timid participants build skills necessary to overcome adversity in both work and life.

Case Study: Navy SEAL Beach Bootcamp at Pier South Resort

Our latest Navy SEAL teambuilding bootcamp took place on the sand adjacent to San Diego’s Pier South Resort in Imperial Beach. Ten guests participated in the two hour challenge (though we can easily accommodate larger groups).

US Navy Veteran JC Ledbetter, (USN-SWCC, Ret.) led the group of sales executives through challenging exercises in the (65 degree!) water and on land. Challenged with the time-tested methods of crafting successful leaders, the group got a taste of what Navy Special Warfare members go through, and learned many of the secrets to crafting successful business teams in today’s challenging world.

The result? A happy client, and ten guests with wetter shoes and thicker skin!

The Event Team - Navy SEAL Teambuilding

Program Highlights and Benefits:

  • Light or moderate physical exercise
  • Build unit cohesion among participants
  • Teach and instill the basics of a complete TEAM oriented mentality among participants
  • Remove the idea of “I” or “Me” from the minds of all participants for the duration of the event
  • Provide opportunities for natural leaders to emerge in challenging team events
  • Build trust among co-workers
  • Develop communication skills required to accomplish unusual or challenging tasks
  • Provide a fun, inspiring and rewarding experience

Sample Teambuilding Challenges:

  • KIM (Keep in Memory) Game – A SEAL memory recall training exercise. At the beginning of the event, each team is shown a table of up to a dozen unrelated items. They are instructed to look at the items, but that they may not talk, write anything down or touch any item. They are given three minutes to observe the items. After the last exercise, each team will be tested on their recall of the items they observed. Points awarded for the number of correct items recalled.
  • Obstacle Course – Participants make their way through a SEAL-inspired and obstacle course designed specifically for their group by our Navy SEAL Instructors. Can include:-Log PT and Boat PT – Exercise elements utilizing 5″ diameter logs or light-duty inflatable rafts.
  • Wet & Sandy – Mild physical training while sitting in very low surf. This is a fun and invigorating element that is completely voluntary.
  • Penalties – Where applicable, penalties will apply for any participant who, cheats, behaves as an individual rather than teammate or is assigned to a task and fails to accomplish it. Penalties can include, “get wet & sandy”, sit-ups, push-ups, etc.

After the Session:

Instructors take all groups on a light cool-down run/walk, and guests are awarded certificates of completion signed by their Navy SEAL instructors. After the session, instructors are available to chat with participants and answer questions regarding their time and histories in the SEAL Teams.

Need More Info?

If you have a corporate group meeting in Southern California and want to learn more about our Navy SEAL teambuilding event, please don’t hesitate to contact The Event Team DMC today for a proposal! Mention the code SEAL for a discount rates on this event. Minimum 20 participants.

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