Thanksgiving 2015: Gratitude Journal

The holiday season is a wonderful time to pause and reflect on the many aspects of our lives we often take for granted. In celebration of Thanksgiving, The Event Team asked our team of “super people” to share some of the things they’re most grateful for this year. Here are some of our answers – feel free to contribute your own personal or professional gratitude in the comments!

Matt Robbins, President

Professional: I am very grateful I have a team of dedicated professionals leading our company. I am happy that when we lost one of our Sales Managers (Rachel) we were able to find two fabulous replacements in Steve and Lauren. And I am extremely happy that when Romy went on very early maternity leave everyone stepped up to fill in her absence. (I am even happier that Mother and Baby Sloane are doing well)

Personal: I am so happy to have a loving and caring family. Susan and I realize that in spite of all the personal tragedies and losses of the past few years, we have an amazing life. We try not to let a day go by where we don’t acknowledge how lucky we are.

The Event Team - Matt Robbins San Diego

Kim Derr, Operations Manager

Professional: I’m grateful to have been able to advance in a company that also offers me the tools to grow within the industry.

Personal: I’m grateful to have such amazing friends and family who support me near and far.

Marcie Booth, Operations Manager

Professional: I am always grateful for my coworkers putting up with my weird habits like occasionally singing in the office (I like to pretend I’m Whitney Houston) and of course our AMAZING Field staff who always bring their A game to each program and make my job (really, my life) so much easier! They are always up for a challenge, know this industry like the back of their hands, and have a way of having fun with every program.

The Event Team - Los Angeles Airport Staff

Personal:  I am so grateful for my family and friends who have supported me throughout this crazy year! They always have the right things to say, a good story to make me laugh and keep me sane on a daily basis! I am very blessed to have a great tribe of people in my corner.

The Event Team - Marcie Booth Los Angeles

Monica Paniagua, Sales Assistant

Professional: Coffee, so much coffee. Grateful for my wonderful colleagues – never a dull moment.

Personal: Coffee…from Costa Rica! I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore Costa Rica with my husband this year. It was such a fun vacation.

Bill Yahres, VP Sales and Marketing

Professional: I will always appreciate the variety and excitement my job affords me and LOVE the opportunity to travel and connect with so many interesting people!

Personal: When you are tagged as a little different from the norm and not like “the other kids,” it’s nice to know you’re not alone. Many thanks to my family for not being ordinary!

The Event Team - Bill Yahres San Diego

John-Carlo Boyle, Sales Assistant

Professional: I am so thankful to be in the industry I went to school for and to have a job coming straight out of college. I am also grateful for my co-workers, who have continuously helped me learn about this crazy DMC world every step of the way.

Personal: I am very thankful for my family and friends who have supported me in every aspect. I am also thankful that I have the opportunity to live in beautiful Southern California!

Taryn Devich, Executive Assistant

Professional: I am very thankful for the opportunity I have been given to work in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Thanks to Matt I was able to get out of Los Angeles after college and finally move to San Diego to create new memories and learn from some talented people. I have been thankful to get to know each one of my colleagues and my new city better and better each month! I am excited to develop my skill set with more challenging and creative tasks and develop some new friendships in the new year!

Personal:  I am so unbelievably thankful for the support of friends and family this year through my transition to life in San Diego. I’m also thankful for my fiancé and soon-to-be husband! You make me smile, you are so fun, and I feel so loved and supported by you every single day. A huge thanks to our parents and my bridesmaids – your overflowing supply of love and willingness to help with all things wedding has put a joy in my heart that will be difficult to beat!

The Event Team - Taryn Devich San Diego

Carly Cylinder, Sales Manager

Professional: I’m thankful for having Geraldine as my boss. She’s considerate, a great listener, and always fair.

Personal: I’m thankful for all the love that’s come into my life this year.

Lindsay White, Director of Marketing

Professional: I’m so thankful for a creative career, kind coworkers, and a flexible schedule that allows for music travels (60 shows in 11 states this year!).

Personal: I’m constantly thankful for and in awe of two of the kindest people I know: my rock star sister Haley, and my incredible fiancée Audrie. With their powers combined, I actually resemble a functioning human.


Steve Larson

Professional:  I am thankful for my new job and the way I have been welcomed with open arms! The people here are great to work with and I am learning a lot on the event planning/DMC side of the world! I look forward to many more thankful years to come at The Event Team!


I am thankful for my ever growing network of great friends! I am also thankful for my family and the special people in my life that I can share fun and exciting times with.

Lauren Ross, National Sales Manager

Professional:  I am beyond thankful to have gotten the opportunity to move into a new industry with an amazing group of people at The Event Team. It’s only been 4 weeks, but already feel like I have found my work home and dream job. I am looking forward to all the professional adventures that await in the future and 2016.

Personal: I am beyond thankful for my Mother, sister, family, and my amazing friends. I feel so lucky to have such an incredibly supportive and loving group of people in my life.

The Event Team - Lauren Ross San Diego

Aimee Nobleza, Operations Assistant

Professional: I am so so very grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to work with The Event Team. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to learn what I’ve been thirsting for in this industry!

Personal: I got really lucky with the set of best friends I’ve been blessed with. I could never be more thankful for having found them at such an early age of 5 years old, selfishly being able to have them to myself for basically my entire life. I’m also very thankful that Adele has graced us once again after taking a four year break. Also grateful that Jojo is back and finally making music again.

Paige Weeber, VP Operations

Professional: I am grateful to have a boss like Matt who gives me the support and believes in me and my ability to lead my team.

Personal: I am so thankful to some amazing friends that have been by my side this year, giving me strength and encouragement when needed. To my family for their unconditional love & support and to my husband and daughter for another year of awesome adventures an memories.

The Event Team - Paige Weeber San Diego

Katie Bowen, Sales and Design Coordinator

Professional:  I’m grateful for my co-workers that make me laugh all day.

Personal: I’m grateful that I still fit into my brownie outfit I wore when I was six.The Event Team - Lindsay White San Diego