Thanksgiving 2016: The Event Team Gratitude Journal

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we took a moment to reflect on some of the things we’re most grateful for. Here are just some of the many blessings we’re counting this year:

Bill Yahres, VP Business Development

After 23 years at The Event Team I am still having fun!  I have amazing friends, a loving family and perfect health. The only thing better is realizing this each and every day.

Geraldine Caedo, General Manager L.A.

Personally, I am forever grateful for my friends of over 30 years whom I got to spend time with this fall. Some things never change and I’m definitely grateful for that. Professionally, I’m thankful for my team who, despite our “family” squabbles, are always loyal, supportive, and will take it to the streets for one another.

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Katie Bowen, Design & Sales Coordinator

Personally, I am grateful for my parents, close friends, health and my doggie Stu. Professionally, I am grateful for my co-workers that make me laugh all day.

Monica Paniagua, Sales Coordinator

Personally, I’m grateful to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary this year. Cheers to my loving husband and our lifelong journey together! I’m also thankful for my supportive family and friends. It’s been a rough year, and I don’t know where I would be without them. Professionally, I’m grateful to work with some pretty awesome people that have become lifelong friends.

Matt Robbins, President

Personally I am grateful for my wife and her support in good times and bad and that we live in progressive California. Professionally I am grateful for the people I work with and the people I meet at this job. We sell experiences that make people happy. It is sometimes stressful but always rewarding.The Event Team corporate events

Paige Weeber, VP Operations

Personally, I am thankful and happy that my family and I were able to enjoy many family trips and create some wonderful memories this year. Professionally, I am grateful for a boss that understands the importance of a work / life balance and allows us to work from home occasionally to be there for our families.

John-Carlo Boyle, Sales Assistant

I’m thankful for having a job in which I am able to constantly learn about and explore the awesome city of Los Angeles.

Taryn Babayan, Executive/Marketing Assistant

Personally, I am grateful for my new husband and our rescue pup; they both add so much love and joy to my every day. Professionally, I am thankful I get to uncover and experience some of the coolest new things in California.

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Lauren Ross, National Sales Manager

Personally, I am beyond grateful for my family, friends, and my wonderful Boston Terrier, August. Professionally, I am thankful to work in an industry where we get to “take fun seriously,” and meet and connect with like-minded professionals in our industry on regular basis.

Steve Larson, National Sales Manager

Personally, I am grateful to spend time with my family in Arizona during the holidays. Professionally, I am glad I have learned a lot on the event planning side during my 1st year at TET!

Lindsay White, Director of Marketing

Personally, I’m so grateful I was able to legally marry my wife this year. Professionally, I’m thankful for the many opportunities we get to check out new venues across Southern California.

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