The Art of Appreciation in Event Planning – Are You Speaking Their Language?

After a fun-filled couple of days in Palm Springs for The Event Team’s annual Summer Retreat, we’re back, we’re bronze, and we’re ready to take on the rest of the year! One takeaway from this year’s retreat was a thought-provoking workshop, inspired by The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace (Chapman/White), and facilitated by our Los Angeles General Manager Geraldine Caedo. Prior to the retreat, each employee took a small survey to identify which “languages” of appreciation resonated with them. The workshop demonstrated how to utilize each language as a tool to build better communication and help activate each team member’s engagement by giving thanks and praise in a way they best receive it.

This got us thinking…how can we take these languages and apply them toward our client’s corporate meetings and events? Since many of the programs we operate exist in the realm of recognizing and rewarding employees, we came up with a few sure-fire ways to “speak” each language at your next event! (Note: We omitted “Physical Touch,” as this is a language best explored in the context of personal/intimate relationships and not typically viewed as an appropriate way to engage in the workplace.)

Tangible Gifts

Our workshop emphasized that this language is most effective when the person/company giving the gift takes the time to find out what is most meaningful to the recipient. (You might recall how the folks at WestJet knock it out of the park, most recently with 2015’s 12,000 Mini Miracles campaign.)

How to include Tangible Gifts in your next event: Create welcome/swag bags that include one or two personalized items. It can be as simple as a copy of each attendee’s favorite magazine, or you can be a super-sleuth and investigate Pinterest boards, Amazon wishlists, etc. At the event itself, options are everything! Set up a “gift station” where guests can choose from a variety of tastes, colors, sizes, and/or textures. Our friends at BizBash have collected a wealth of information on personalized gifts, from Virtual Swag, to Name-Your-Own Nail Polish.

Quality Time

This language encompasses those who prefer to engage in focused or shared experiences with others. At The Event Team destination management company, providing such activities is our forte. Our top-notch Southern California tours and outings allow guests to spend quality time together in a variety of ways.

How to include Quality Time at your next event: Choose from relaxing bonding events such as local ballgames, kayaking excursions, sailing regattas, concerts, brewery tours, etc. For more focused attention, we offer VIP options like private surfing lessons, cooking demos, behind the scenes studio tours, and exclusive personal styling and shopping sessions. For catered events, we suggest a casual beach party decked out with several popular game options (cornhole, horseshoes, volleyball, etc.) that appeal to your guests’ natural inclination to engage and interact without feeling forced to network.

The Event Team Beach Parties Southern California

Words of Affirmation

Sometimes employees just want to hear that they’re doing a great job. Seems simple enough, right? Keep in mind, however, that those who fall into this camp don’t necessarily require public fanfare. Words of Affirmation is a language that can be communicated in both public and private ways, even at corporate events.

How to include Words of Affirmation at your next event: For public recognition, our go-to suggestion is the ever-popular Hollywood Awards gala, complete with a full stage, proper audio visual production, dramatic orchestral music, black tie dress code, etc. In addition to rolling out the red carpet for your guests, make sure award announcements include thoughtful and compelling descriptions of each recipient’s specific achievements and contributions to your team. Conversely, if your group is less interested in public recognition, try distributing personalized, handwritten Thank You cards to each attendee as they exit the event. Or for a fun themed twist, organize a game night event and place a Scrabble rack on each place-setting. Fill each one with a positive word (hand-picked by a superior/executive) that best describes each guest’s most valuable trait.

the event team hollywood awards party

Acts of Service

In the workplace, showing appreciation through acts of service means offering to help complete tasks and projects in a way that feels beneficial and productive to the recipient. This language is all about follow-through.

How to include Acts of Service at your next event: Sometimes even the most awesome corporate functions can be viewed as “one more project” to add to an already-busy schedule. Do your best to remove any/all stressors from the event. For example, steer clear of important holidays or work deadlines, provide free childcare, transportation, or valet during the event, bring in a massage station, etc. In addition to providing acts of service for your guests, invite attendees to participate in acts of service during your event. Find out which causes are important to your team and facilitate company-sponsored activities that benefit those organizations. Chances are, if guests appreciate receiving help, they also find great value in offering help to others. The Event Team offers an array of philanthropic options and teambuilding events that contribute to schools, military groups, hospitals, animal shelters, and more!

the event team corporate social responsibility

Need More Info?

If you’re interested in learning more about how to show appreciation for your team during your next Southern California incentive trip, contact The Event Team destination management company today! We can help you determine the best “appreciation languages” for your group and find creative ways to apply them to your next corporate event!

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