The Event Team Bids Adieu to Dick Burson

The Event Team is sad to announce that Wednesday, July 23rd will be Dick Burson’s last full day at The Event Team. His departure comes after nearly two decades in the hospitality industry. Through that time period Dick has served in an array of positions in this field, including:
WEBSITE-Dick1996Staff at the Republican National Convention. “Fun to be part of the political buzz.”

1997Housekeeping Supervisor for the San Diego Convention Center Corporation. “Got to see ‘behind-the-scenes’ and what makes the Center tick.”

1998Tour Guide for several local companies, including Patti Roscoe & Associates, Meeting Manager, Enjoy California, DCI, Del Destinations, Destinations by Marriott, Day Tripper Tours, etc. “Learned how to be a tour guide.”

1999 – Conductor for Old Town Trolley Tours. “I learned San Diego ‘then and now’ and worked for tips. The people were the best part.”

1999 – Tour Guide for San Diego Zoo. “The money and plants were the best parts.”

2000 – Operations for The Meeting Manager. “Pleasing clients.”

2006-14 – Sales for The Event Team. “Pleasing clients.”

Before his time in the hospitality business, Dick served our country from 1966-1995 as a member of the Naval Reserve. “I loved going to sea. On July 10, 1972 I reported for staff duty with Commander, Eleventh Naval District and Jackie, my wife to be. She was assigned as Staff Protocol Officer. Attention to detail and doing things ‘the right way’ was my carry-over from the military to hospitality.”

Dick and his wife Jackie just celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary. He says there is “no secret” to a happy marriage. “Just don’t sweat the small stuff. Know that marriage is compromise and that one person is only half of the equation.”

IMG_8636As you can see, Dick’s commitment to service permeates all aspects of his life. Here’s what his colleagues have to say:

“Dick Burson was an institution in San Diego long before we walked into The Event Team. I knew Dick from his days of training our tour guides through his long stint in Operations with another DMC. When I heard he was interested in Sales I thought it would be a perfect match for us. I have always felt that the best sales people were the ones who had experience running programs first hand. Dick brought more than just his sales ability to our company; he is a true Goodwill Ambassador who knows everyone in San Diego. I have yet to meet anyone who has something bad to say about Dick. If being a gentleman and taking on the dirty assignments is old school, then I wish more people attended that school. We will miss him in this office but we wish him the best of luck and hope he will still be available for special projects when we need him.”
Matt Robbins – President

“Dick Burson has the kindest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. I truly believe he would literally give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. I have worked with Dick for the past 8+ years and I always joke that when we have a client that is a long shot or hard to connect with, let Dick try because he is like a dog with a bone. He will do everything he can to turn a lead into a sale no matter how impossible it seems. He does not give up easily, which is quite admirable. Dick is also very thoughtful and will bring in articles if he thinks it will interest you or your family or makes sure you know if some event is coming up that shouldn’t be missed. I will miss Dick in the office and hearing about the treasures he found over the weekend at the various garage sales. But I do hope he’ll pop in from time to time with his latest Mac ‘n Cheese dish for us to sample.”
Paige Weeber – VP of Operations

“They broke the mold after Dick Burson came along. I mean who makes sales calls with freshly caught fish from a recent trip? Dick, that’s who! One of the nicest guys you’ll ever know, I‘ll miss my colleague, my shipmate, and my friend.”
Bill Yahres – VP of Sales & Marketing

“It has been an honor to work alongside Dick Burson. He is the most caring, hard-working, kind, knowledgeable person and he has really contributed to the great success of The Event Team.  We will miss him and I have a feeling we will see more of him in our future!”
Romy Linde – Director of Sales

“Dick understands that nothing in life is more important than genuine relationships with people. It can be hard to navigate the business world for so many years without developing a thick skin or a hard heart, but Dick has always offered the alternative approach of compassion, kindness and honesty. I am so grateful that I got to meet him and work with him.”
Lindsay White – Director of Marketing

“I couldn’t have asked for a better office mate! Dick taught me so many things from military terms, to old idioms, to how to cook, and of course tips and tricks of the industry. He is the epitome of a gentlemen and always puts others needs before his own. He will be missed!”
Rachel Horgan – Sales Manager

“I really enjoy working with Dick. His years of expertise provide a different perspective on every event and I am always learning something new.”
Jennifer Dotson – Operations Manager

“I have learned quite a lot assisting Dick for the past 2 ½ years. He is a great teacher and he knows SO much about this industry. Not to mention he’s the nicest guy I’ve ever met!”
Katie Bowen – Design & Sales Coordinator

We wish Dick the best and know we will be seeing him at the office periodically for special projects and consultation. Thank you Dick, for all the amazing contributions you have made to your country, your family, and your colleagues in the industry!